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Lucca and Leo

Adorable Standard Poodle Pups who need a good home. Current owners are unable to keep up with training and handling these energetic pups due to health reasons. Both are up to date on all vaccines and have learned how to sit. They absolutely love playing fetch though still need to learn to let the ball go on their own. They jump around and go crazy for squeaky toys. It’s just too adorable! Still need some work for potty training (they will let us know some of the time when they need to go out) and leash training. But whomever these dogs go to, they will be the absolute amazing addition to the family. Let us know if you would like to rehome one or both too!


Taco is so sweet. Loves tomatoes and all veggies. Loves a good belly rub. He is very playful, he loves to play with his siblings (human and dog).


He is a sweet and playful labra doodle full of energy very smart He already had all his vaccines and neutered. He is trained to poo and pee outside Unfortunately we have to sell him because my apartment doesn’t allow big dogs, we will be sad to see him go:( We hope he finds a new loving home!


Dandy is a wonderful farm dog. She likes other dogs but would be best as the only dog as she does have food aggression. Timid and shy to strangers. Warms up quickly in a fenced in area. My grandmother is selling her home and has rehomed her animals. I am helping her place her dog in a farm type home. No charge. She is not fixed. She might be pregnant with purebred poodle puppies. She has had 1 previous pregnancy. She will need an updated rabies shot. Free for the taking.

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