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Scrappy Doo

He’s a great lovable dog, loves to cuddle and give hugs, will jump and give love as soon as he sees you. Great with people and children, will run up to other people and jump on them happily, Very energetic Chiwennie puppy 8 months old. Does good with other animals- cats and other dogs. He currently lives with 7 cats & 2 other dogs, playfully barks at the cats when they’re making noise or playing. Enjoys playing with just about anything, from bottle caps to his favorite lamb chop until he’s removed all the fluff. Enjoys car rides, loves sticking his tongue out a little especially when happy. Loves walks on a leash, he’ll walk you. Neutered and current on vaccines.


She’s very affectionate and gets along well with cats children and another dogs, but not with chickens and rabbits


Yoda is an 11 year old senior who has always been the apple of my eye. He is mellow, laid-back, easy-going going. He gets along great with other small dogs if he is slowly introduced to them. He has not spent a lot of time around larger dogs. Cats have been some of his best buddies; he is around at least 2 of them every day. He is not on any medications, nor does he have any significant health issues. He is housebroken and is normally walked about 3 x a day. He has had some dental issues so he might nip ever so slightly if anyone places their hand near his mouth. That being said, he has never actually aggressively bitten anyone before. I am just looking for a temporary foster for him while my housing situation stabilizes. Honestly, he would do best in a home with other small dogs and where there aren’t any small children present.


Sparky is an energetic dog who loves attention and toys. He enjoys cuddling and sleeping on the bed. I do need to disclose that he bit a toddler and due to that needs to be rehomed. He is great with cats but aggressive towards other dogs.

There shouldn’t be any scarring but he did break the skin, we tried as best as we could to keep him separated from my toddler but we are in a small house and it’s getting hot outside. He was showing warning signs of growling at her when she would just walk by. We have been trying for months to find a better home for him and yesterday was the final straw it is not safe to have him in our home and he should not be in a home with small children.

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