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Bella is a chihuahua/min pin mix who is 11yrs old and spayed. She is house trained and loves to sunbathe outside and go to small dog parks. She loves to play with her squeaky balls, go on walks and is very treat driven. She loves taking naps in her dog bed with plenty of blankets. She does well with older children (8 and up) and gets along with other small dogs her size. She has a huge personality and is very loyal and protective. She would be a pleasure for anyone to foster.


Snickers – great with kids of all ages, cats and other dogs. Loves to snuggle. Doesn’t bark too much unless someone is at the door or he is left alone. Up to date on rabies vaccine but not other vaccines right now.


Unfortunately, we are seeking new loving homes for our dogs due to changes in our lifestyle.
Lucy is a lovely companion who appreciates leisurely strolls. She loves to snuggle and be close to you. She has a protective nature. She loves to curl up and take long, peaceful naps. She may bark if someone knocks at your door. When people are over, she enjoys taking long naps or searching for tasty treats. Lucy is a loving and caring individual who has a special fondness for babies. She enjoys taking it easy and prefers to pursue her own interests throughout the day.

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This is Stella, she is a chihuahua-terrier (I believe). She is about 8 or 9 years old, and is fixed. I rescued her from a friend down in California 7 years ago. and has some lingering issues, but also an amazing dog when she wasn’t to be. She is really meant for a couple, or a single person who has time to be with her all day. She has severe separation anxiety, and also get a little aggressive at times. She is okay with some dogs, mostly bigger ones, but prefers to be the center of attention. If you know how to mingle dogs, she will do just fine over time. She is potty trained, but also uses pee pads indoors while your away. Never been kennel trained. She is a very loyal and protective dog, but sometimes too protective. She does love to have all of her toys around, plays constantly if she has someone to play with. She would need a fenced back yard, and a leash anywhere else. Please give me a call if you have any questions about her.

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