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Meet Smoki!

Smoki is a charming 4.5 year-old mix of Schnauzer, Golden Retriever, and Chow Chow with a heart full of love.

Smoki is a medium-sized dog, weighing around 35lbs. His sleek, all-black fur is a stunning sight, and in the right lighting, you might catch a glimpse of a subtle racing stripe down his back, adding to his unique charm. What truly sets him apart are his expressive features: a fantastic beard, very expressive eyebrows, and a funny little speckled tongue.

Personality: Smoki is a bundle of joy though he can be a little reserved at times. He’s incredibly affectionate but also appreciates having his personal space respected. Smoki is highly engaged in training activities, especially if there are treats involved! When he’s excited or feeling playful, he’s known for his “zoomies” and loves playing chase with other dogs. Smoki enjoys morning walks along the Columbia River where he can be off leash. While he’s not a fan of swimming, he adores splashing along the shoreline in pursuit of pesky geese. He’s also very vigilant and will let out a few good barks when someone new approaches the house, but is not a persistent barker (unless there is raccoon nearby).

Social Behavior: Smoki is great with other dogs and enjoys socializing, though he might give a little snarl if they push him past his comfort zone. When strangers enter the home, he tends to jump up in eagerness to greet, but he can be a bit wary of unfamiliar men (though this has improved over the years). Outside of the home, he’s usually more focused on following his nose or watching birds.

Leash Training: Smoki is leash trained and absolutely loves going for walks!

Training: While Smoki hasn’t been through formal obedience training, we have been working with a trainer, as well as with a Veterinarian Behaviorist who has provided us techniques and guidance to help refine his manners, reactivity, and fear-based responses. He is super smart and a very focused student – if you enjoy trick training, he would likewise enjoy learning new things! The primary work that needs continued practice is what is called “Cooperative Care” – which are positive reinforcement based methods for teaching a dog to feel ok with grooming, vet, and all things body handling. Because of his past chronic ear infections, and the many vet procedures that were required to treat them, he became sensitized to restraint and similar body handling. Continued management and care will be needed, and our trainer has agreed to help with 3 complimentary training sessions to help with the transition.

Compatibility with Children: Due to his reactivity, we are rehoming Smoki because we have a 2-year-old, with plans for more children, and Smoki has to be segregated from her (and by default, me) constantly. We believe he will thrive in a home that is child-free, where he can be a true companion to his owners. He is really sweet and engaged, with a lot of training drive.

Health: Smoki is fully vaccinated and up-to-date on all shots. He has experienced chronic ear infections, which are common for floppy-eared dogs. However, we believe we have identified the underlying issue (poultry) and have him on poultry-free food and treats. Since implementing this change a year ago, he has been ear infection free. Smoki is also on an anti-anxiety medication, which helps with his vigilance and fear-based reactivity.

Perfect Home: He is looking for a loving companion or child-free family who understands his unique needs, is committed to continuing his cooperative care training, and will cherish him as a member of the pack. Due to Smoki’s history of sensitivity and reactivity-potential, we think it’s best that he lands in a home with someone with prior dog behavior experience, and who either already has a good understanding of dog body language or the willingness to learn. Additionally, we ask that you be committed to using the force free/fear free positive reinforcement based methods for training, and that you are empathetic, compassionate, and happy to build a solid foundation of trust and gentleness with Smoki.

If you’re ready to open your heart and home to a loving companion like Smoki, please contact us to arrange a meet-and-greet. Smoki is eager to find his forever family!


Coco is looking for a new, loving home. She is a ball of fun! We took her in from someone who found her whole litter- she was the only one left to rehome. She just does not get along with our cat. We have tried a few months thinking it would get better and it has not. I feel she would be best as an only pet but we have not had her around another dog so she might do well with them. She will be around 5 months on May 1st and has had her 1st and 2nd shots. She is a schnauzer/Jack Russel mix. If you are interested in adding to your family please reach out to me 🙂

Choo choo

Special needs dog. Is blind in one eye and is a bit floppy. One of the sweetest dogs I have ever met. Loves to be held like a baby and giving loves. No special diet or anything needed. We are unsure of what exactly is wrong with him but other than sprawling out on the ground every once in a while, he can walk fine.


Very sweet girl. Loves cuddles and playing with toys.

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