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Hi my name is Nola.
I am mixed with a bernedoodle (dad) and English Golden (mom).
I am 10 months
Kennel trained
Friendly with other dogs and loves kids
Happy dog
Weights about 44-46lbs and looking for a new home


We adopted Lucy from the Greenville Humane Society. Lucy’s birthday is July 7th, 2022. She is a Parvo survivor so she is one tough puppy! She loves chew toys, cuddles and pets, and playtime. Currently, she is 60 pounds.

She gets along great with other dogs, male or female, and children (as young as newborns). Lucy has never been aggressive towards anything.

Lucy is kennel and house trained. Lucy also knows the commands come, sit, shake, down, kennel, and sometimes stay. Lucy will occasionally break a stay but stays within an area. She does still pull while walking, so we were recommended to try the gentle leader collar for her.
Lucy loves rubs and attention – almost craves it. She is sweet and does great with children. Lucy, being a hound dog, is vocal. She will bark/whine in her kennel when she needs to be let out. And she will bark at strangers. She is a good watch dog but she is all bark. If given the chance to greet others, she will make fast friends. Lucy is truly one of the sweetest and biggest lap dogs I have been able to care for.
We take her to the vet and groomers on a regular basis to make sure she is up to date on her shots and have her nails cut. She is only a year old and still has lots of energy.

Lucy can be a great fit for many families if given the chance. We wish to find her a forever home. Please let me know if you have any questions!


Churro is a high energy dog who really likes belly rubs and exploring the outdoors. She’s super food motivated and was quick to learn her tricks even when really excited. She would do best with a yard to bask in the sun.


Millie is a red retriever who loves to meet new people. She always has to have something in her mouth; just to hold it. She loves belly rubs, food, and going on walks. She plays with plastic bottles and competitive games of tug of war. She can get overexcited by people and jump, but is well-behaved once she calms down. She is used to children of all ages and seems to do well around other dogs, my only recommendation is that she not be around small animals.

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