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Appa is almost 2 years old. He’s a mixture of Redbone Coonhound, Lab, and Rottweiler. He is very playful and goofy. He loves to play and loves the attention. He is naturally pretty anxious to certain noises and new things but warms up easily. He is food motivated, loves all treats! Appa is crate trained and knows commands such as sit, lay down, high five, and stay. I’ve never really had to test his recall because at places like the dog park, he usually just likes to follow me around. He is great in the car! He is neutered and rabies shot is up to date. Overall he is a sweet, goofy, fun, energetic pup. I’m looking for someone that can give him more time and attention that I can no longer provide. Because he’s anxious, he would strive better in a house without other animals or children. I’ve never seen him get aggressive! I just think it would be a smoother transition in this type of environment.


Lola is a 3 month old Redbone coonhound . She live to play and she love to cuddle. Lola is pad trained and trained to potty outside. Loa love to have a bone to play with and love going for walks . She gets along with other dogs and children


Odin is a 7-year-old Redbone Coonhound and Pit mix. He loves car rides, hikes, and is not a huge fan of the water.
He is a cuddler and used to having indoor/outdoor access throughout the day, he will need a fenced yard and an owner that doesn’t mind a whole lot of love and attention.
He loves kids and other dogs, but I don’t know about how he is with cats.


I am 2.5 yrs old my bday is March 25th 2021. I am a Shepherd red bone coon. I have a lot of energy and love my walks daily. I love to play catch but when I had enough I am just done. My family has spoiled me but just doesn’t have the time for me anymore since their schedule has changed. I am crate trained for sleeping. I love my bones and don’t like to share them well with others. But love my treats too. I am very protective over my family. I love to say hi to everyone that walks by.

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