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I got one female pup pug mix with miniture pinscher and super playful. I need her to go to a loving home and family . Need rehomimg asap. She very adorable with kids. Im just asking for a loving home for her nothing else. Asap


He is such a beautiful and loving animal like I can’t really Express how much love and energy this boy has. I just don’t have the time to care for him like you deserves I work way too much. He is potty trained he will go outside or on a puppy pad. He’s learning to walk pretty well by himself on the leash. He does get easily sidetracked though he is still very young. He’s full of life and energy and need someone that will be able to provide him with the space and love he deserves. I live in a small apartment so it’s really hard for him to do anything. I love him so much and this hurts me too finally know that what’s right for him is what’s best. I just want to find someone that will surely care for him and actually love him like he deserves.

“Luna” aka lunatic

She is an amazing lil puppy but she is not afraid of much and a lil feisty. But she is sweet and a cuddler. She is hyper because her brother and her play ruff. Her birthday is also 2-29-2024


Bowie is a sweet pug-beagle mix I adopted at 9 weeks old. He’s currently 8 months and just sweet as can be. I live in a tiny apartment and the poor guy is just bursting with energy. He’s incredibly smart and athletic and while I’m doing my best to give him the love and care he needs, I just know it isn’t enough. I truly think he’d be better off in a home with a yard and some kids to play with.

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