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Mia is a great dog very affectionate, she is very hyper, Mia was born February 2022 and is spayed she did have one litter of puppies but were rehomed. Mia is great with other dogs and children. She has been around cows, horses, pigs, goats, cats, ducks, chickens, geese, and other livestock. When around the livestock Mia will bark and chase them if not on a leash. Mia is Spayed and does need her Rabie Vaccination but we can get it if that means for her to find her forever home. Mia also needs a flea treatment. Mia is kennel trained she knows how to sit, stay and lay down. Mia also alerted my husband when I had a stroke. Mia loves running and playing in the yard and when it’s hot outside she loves to play in a kiddie pool.


Pug mix. Very energetic and full of life. Adopted him through the Arizona Humane Society in October 2022.

Full of energy! Loves to snuggle with you; loves going on walks and exploring new areas. Can be a little picky sometimes with the dog food brands. Loves to run and jump. Likes to do tricks; once he forms a bond with you he will be extremely loyal!


He is a sweet cuddly, playful, puppy. He has no medical issues other than a high allergy to fleas. He is potty trained but has accident sometimes due to stress or happiness. He has never shown aggression and has been an only pet for the past two years but he loves other dogs that are playful and can wear each other out.


Playful female pug. Very healthy and strong pure breed pug, 9 weeks old now. Parents and siblings are all gone and she if left. No much space at home to keep her that long. She is good with cats and birds. Very friendly with kids and visitors. She is already potty trained. Her shots are up to date and she is wormed.

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