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We adopted Lucy from the Greenville Humane Society. Lucy’s birthday is July 7th, 2022. She is a Parvo survivor so she is one tough puppy! She loves chew toys, cuddles and pets, and playtime. Currently, she is 60 pounds.

She gets along great with other dogs, male or female, and children (as young as newborns). Lucy has never been aggressive towards anything.

Lucy is kennel and house trained. Lucy also knows the commands come, sit, shake, down, kennel, and sometimes stay. Lucy will occasionally break a stay but stays within an area. She does still pull while walking, so we were recommended to try the gentle leader collar for her.
Lucy loves rubs and attention – almost craves it. She is sweet and does great with children. Lucy, being a hound dog, is vocal. She will bark/whine in her kennel when she needs to be let out. And she will bark at strangers. She is a good watch dog but she is all bark. If given the chance to greet others, she will make fast friends. Lucy is truly one of the sweetest and biggest lap dogs I have been able to care for.
We take her to the vet and groomers on a regular basis to make sure she is up to date on her shots and have her nails cut. She is only a year old and still has lots of energy.

Lucy can be a great fit for many families if given the chance. We wish to find her a forever home. Please let me know if you have any questions!


Daisy is the sweetest, ball obsessed dog I’ve ever met. Unfortunately, we had to move from a 15 acre farm to an RV park. She is miserable and I’m not able to exercise her the way she deserves. I broke my back when I was a teenager, but Daisy wants to run! If she had a fenced yard, and someone to toss a ball, she would be so content! I don’t recommend a house with small children, under 12, because the whole reason Daisy came to us was because she had a bone and was being bothered by our older son at his mother’s house. She bit his face, twice and he had to get stitches. We have worked extensively with her on her food aggression and when supervised, she is very good with kids, but she does not share her balls especially with puppies. Daisy is not spayed, due to financial reasons. She cannot have grocery store kibble, she will end up with diarrhea and mucus in her stool. She’s also prone to ear infections. She does very well on a homemade diet – cooked or raw. She hates bath time, because she loves rolling in dirt/sand/grass! I’ve never successfully trimmed her nails alone, with nail clippers or a dremel tool. She gets along well with other dogs – especially males. She is good with females as long as there’s a good, calm introduction. All Daisy wants from life is a ball to chase, a best friend to cuddle on the couch and treats! She is a very vocal girl, she will tell you when it’s dinner time and when it’s time to go out. She’s house trained, crate trained, leash trained, and knows basics like sit, down, lay down, load up, and bed. She does okay in the car – occasionally she will get restless and whine though. Daisy did have a hard time transitioning from her original owner’s home to ours, she was restless and whined a lot.. She came around with time & exercise & snuggles.. We adore Daisy, but she isn’t getting the quality of life she deserves from our family. I’m really hoping to find someone who will fall in love with her and be able to give her everything her big heart and 4 little paws desires! A jogging partner, fenced yard, and/or regular trips to a dog park would be ideal. Daisy will come with all of her stuff, including a her crate & blanket – it’s a crocheted afghan my gramma made to cover a couch, big fluffy and she loves it, her bowl, her harness, collar & leash, chuck-it & balls and a rope/ball toy as well. This is an incredibly difficult decision to make – I’ve never rehomed a dog before. Please message me if you feel you’d be a good fit! Daisy loves men & women alike!


“Hello! My name is Maple. My life’s work is to greet you with unmatched excitement and cuddle you relentlessly.

I can play independently, but I love human and dog attention so much. My favorite outdoor activities are wrestling and laying in the sunshine. A fenced yard would be ideal, but I won’t run away. I do love to run after small critters outside though. I love to chew, but I don’t chew anything other than toys. I walk well on the leash (I could be great, I just don’t have much practice). Car rides are awesome and I behave very well during them. I do well with dogs, indoor cats, and older kids. Part of my greeting process is jumping, but I’m learning to not be too rough. Thunder makes me nervous, but being near you makes it all better. I know simple commands and am well behaved around food. You can leave a bowl of food and I will graze rather than scarf it down – unless it’s wet food! Also, I need sensitive stomach food or there will be gloopy poops and toxic farts! 🙂 Speaking of poop, I’m house trained! I like to have company when I potty and to be able to take my time.

I would love to be your new best friend; solo or a member of the pack ❤️”

Maple has been with us for a year now and has struggled to adjust to our lives before and after our baby was born. We have tried everything we can think of to care for her in ways that help her. We have realized that we are not the best family for her. We want her to be loved in her love language (cuddles, quality time, and company more on her terms). She is in perfect health, allbeit a hefty hippo of about 60lbs, and microchipped (will need to be reprogrammed to knew humans). She is due for her rabies vaccine as 7/22.


Trigger is a beautiful animal with a black and brindle coat. He is an athlete. He can run very fast and loves to fetch a stick and bring it back. He is good on a leash and his nose is very active and curious. He is about 35-40 pounds. He is intelligent and aware, watching always. He is intelligent and trainable, and aims to please. He loves all people and loves to cuddle.

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