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corgi type dog. Quiet with people he is used to and affectionate. Shy and careful around new people. A shedder. Seems to be potty trained. It was my Uncles until he passed away. 11 years young, behaves very youthfully!
Video of him;

New video, very excited for getting a bath and a walk!


Jax is a lovable doggie, that will be the world for someone who can give him the time and affection he needs. Jax is currently 4 years old and 32 lbs. He is housebroken & potty trained. He loves long walks, playing. He sleeps in his own bed at night but is also happy to sleep on the bed with you if desired. He loves to cuddle with people; however, he doesn’t allow just anyone to pet him, especially over the head.

He’s very obedient but he has a few behavioral issues that require extra attention. He loves to play fetch and mess with puzzles. He’s not good with other dogs, especially bigger dogs but he could learn to get along with smaller dogs.

He is fully vaccinated with no health problems (gets annual vet visits).
He loves belly rubs (only from people he trusts) and peanut butter. He is energetic, loving, and a sweet boy. I incredibly sad to give him up but can no longer afford to take care of him or give him the attention that he needs as a single owner. I am looking for the perfect home with a loving, patient and active owner(s).


Chester was rehomed by me about 6 months ago. I recently was given more hours at work and chester is meant for a stay at home or a retired person with no other pets. He loves to cuddle and play and go on walks. He likes car rides but they make him nervous. A bone or singing will calm him down. He is very lovable once he learns to trust you. I’m not to sure about his past because I did a rehome. But he has some separation anxiety. But he does good on his own for some time. He doesn’t use a dog bed because he’s a snuggler I Never put him in the cage because when I got the cage and opened it.. it was all dented in. He is such a sweet boy he just deserves so much more than I can offer him


Chase is a German Shepard/Corgi mix that gives him great personality. He’s shy when meeting new people. Before he came to our family, Chase would run the streets and wasn’t sure where he’d get all of his meals from. Since coming into our home, Chase knows a home is where love is shown.
Chase is unaltered and needs to have this taken care of as soon as possible, if other dogs are in the home. He tends to be the Alfa in the home even though he’s the newcomer.
Bring the Mom of the home, Chase loves to be by my side. Chase needs a forever family to give him love and security.

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