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Miso is an incredibly sweet boy with some issues. He was approximately 7 or 8 when I adopted him from the shelter, and he’s now about 9 or 10. I love him to pieces, but behavioral issues in apartment living after some changes in my circumstances as well as some upcoming medical bills that I cannot afford mean I am forced to find a new home for my sweet son.

As I said, Miso is from the shelter, and his background before that is unknown but doesn’t seem to have been good – he very much does not get along well with other dogs, so he would demand to be the only pet. He takes a long time to warm up to people, but becomes very strongly attached and socially anxious – one of the primary reasons I have to give him up is that, despite my attempts to train him, he barks nonstop when I leave the apartment, leading to seriously bothering the neighbors. For this reason, he definitely would do best in a home where someone is usually home to keep him company. He also has some dental issues that are going to require some teeth being pulled, which I cannot afford.

Miso doesn’t care overly much for toys – his favorite activity by far is to run, so if you have a closed off space like a fenced in yard for him to run around in, nothing would possibly make me happier.

I love Miso more than anything – but I can tell he isn’t happy here. I truly hope someone out there can help give this aging gentleman the support that he needs.

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Papa is a former rescue, he was adopted from a shelter when he was just a puppy. He’s a long haired chihuahua papillon mix with green eyes and a brown nose. He has been kept up to date with all vaccinations. He loves what we like to call “grandma energy”. Women who like to cuddle and will give him treats. He doesn’t require much and has no problem being alone. He’s 12 years old.
Issues: like most chihuahuas he doesn’t have great teeth. He also has a cough that the vet doesn’t seem concerned about. He does not take medication. Papa prefers women and adults. He is not good with children which is why he needs a new home.
When in the right environment he is a loving, loyal and wonderful dog.

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Uly is a super sweet, cuddly dog who loves to spend time with his person. He’s some kind of papillon-corgi-dachshund mix with a beautiful golden color and fluffy ears and tail. We are his third home through the humane society, (we’re told it was always lifestyle change reasons, no major behaviors or concerns). He’s very gentle with our toddler and we have no concerns about his safety with our child or cat, but Uly is not getting the full care and love he deserves now that our lives have changed so much with new jobs and a new kiddo. He’s very sweet and gentle but struggles a bit with anxiety, especially around food. He loves taking walks, snuggling, and chasing flies. Uly would love, love, love a family who can spend a lot of time with him for petting, walks, and snuggles.

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