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Lenny is a sweet boy. He loves going on car rides and walks and does great out in public. He does great with children over 12yrs old.


Lola is Cane Corso Neapolitan Mastiff mix, she is very relaxed but protective. Lola however requires guidance, she’s loyal, affectionate, stubborn and strong willed. She is 3 years old will be 4 in September. It hurts my heart that I have to rehome Lola. About a year ago I had to move out of state for work. I entrusted Lola with a family member, they have no love or affection for Lola so my only option is to rehome her and hope that her new family will love and care for her as she will love, care and protect them. The sad part is that my phone was stolen and I got locked out of my iCloud so I have no old pictures of us together. The pictures I received from my family member is heart breaking. Lola looks so sad. I do have one picture with Lola when she was younger and she was in the car with me. I just hope Lola will get a great family to love her.


Daisy is a sweet, fun, lovable giant! She has the funniest personality. She’s great around kids, dogs and cats. She loves to play fetch and has her favorite purple ball to play with. She’s crate trained and is up to date on all her vaccinations. She loves to go on walks and does well on her leash. She does like to dig, but she’d do great if she has a lot of space to run and play. She’s very loving and very playful.

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