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Olive is a sweet, smart golden doodle breed. She loves to run and play. Kids are basically her favorite thing. She thinks she is one big kid too. She has been around chickens, but should not be trusted alone with them. She has loved her whole life around cats, she has never been aggressive but likes to chase after them. Olive is crate trained, and spends her days outside(her kennel will come with her). She has some basic manners but overall could use some love and training.


Boomer is a doodle breed mix. He loves to be wherever his humans are, and is affectionate. He has a lazy disposition and would nap at your feet all day if you’d let him. Boomer has been around chickens but shouldn’t be trusted alone. He loves cats but sometimes can’t help himself and tries to chase them. Boomer is just over a year old, and due to some major unexpected health changes for his humans, he’s lacking a lot of commands and training. He is very willing to learn and his sweet personality is what shines through the most. He is crate trained and has spent most of his life outside. (His kennel will come with him)

Winston (“Little Jr”)

Winston came to Wisconsin from a shelter in Texas where he’d stayed for 2 months after being picked up as a stray. He stayed with a foster family for his first 3 weeks up here and then our family adopted him at the beginning of July 2023. We have learned that he LOVES car rides and HATES water on his body. He loves squeaky stuffies but never tears or damages them. He makes really hilarious sounds (almost like moo-ing, sometimes!) and he enters a room like Kramer from Seinfeld — bursting through the door, skittering across the floor, full of energy. He can catch treats tossed into the air or take them (SO gently!) from your fingertips. He also loves squirrels, bunnies and loaves of bread left on the counter. He is extremely loyal and protective, but is unfortunately not the right fit for our family as he has an inexplicable strong negative reaction to my kind, gentle elderly father and occasional reactions to other people visiting our home or out on a walk (we think this is related to anxiety).

His age is an estimate from the shelter, but we believe he might be younger than that. He is a German Shepherd mix and weighs around 75 lbs. He is crate-trained but usually sleeps in bed with my daughter while he’s been with us. I don’t know what his endurance would be like (mine is low!) but I’ll bet he’d be a good running partner. He loves going on walks and thinks we’re too slow.


Charlotte was rescued from Kentucky and is mainly Great Pyrenees / Lab Retriever along with a few others breeds. She’s 3.5 years old and is SO intelligent, athletic, extremely patient, not clingy but always ready for play.

Things she loves: off leash running and exploring the outdoors – loves hiking! Mental stimulation – loves learning new commands! Loves swimming in any form of water. Charlotte is truly amazing (think of all the annoying habits dog have and she has zero) but given some of her breeds, she is a guard dog and shows protective traits so she will thrive with confident owner who doesn’t have other dogs or kids at home. We do currently have a cat that she lives with 🙂

Looking for someone who is willing to understand the way she thinks and is excited to keep challenging her in new ways to give her the best life she deserves.

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