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Louie was born 2/14/2018 and has with me since May of that year. He was a rescue from Texas and has lived with me, two kids, two cats, and another dog since 2018. Louie would thrive if he were the only star of the show, he does not like sharing the spotlight, especially with the cats or strangers.


I got one female pup pug mix with miniture pinscher and super playful. I need her to go to a loving home and family . Need rehomimg asap. She very adorable with kids. Im just asking for a loving home for her nothing else.


Gambino is a pure bred miniature pinscher and is very good around the family, but not with strangers. Full disclosure, he has been reported once for biting someone when he went loose. He also has diabetes.


Jasper is good with other animal and children. The reason we need to rehome is he likes the neighborhoods chicken. So he needs to have a fenced yard. Or live out further a way from neighbors.

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