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Raven (or Rae or Raisin)

Raven is a very sweet and loyal companion. She is young and energetic but knows how to relax. Most of the time she is quiet and reserved but she loves to charge around in the woods or do zoomies in the yard as well. She loves to hang around the house and snuggle or just be near her people. She’s great with cats and most dogs with a slow introduction. She would do great in a household with a confident dog (or maybe even cat!) who’s lead she can follow when she’s nervous. She loves our cat and lets him lay under her head and clean her ears. She is usually submissive to all other animals. She is not a food guarder and is the absolute gentlest treat taker. She adores kids and is very gentle with them and babies, but she can be clumsy when she gets excited or nervous so would do best with slightly older kids who wouldn’t be easily knocked over. Ideally any other dog playmates she would be around would be mid-sized or larger. Even though she is obsessed with small dogs, she thinks she is one, and might run them over while playing. She has never shown any aggression towards our small dog, and in fact lets him play very roughly with her! but she just gets too in the zone doing her zoomies off leash and could be a hazard to a tiny dog that might be in the way. She is very timid with any adults she does not know very well. She’s usually completely silent unless someone rings the doorbell and then she has a very loud bark, a good deterrent if you live alone! She has the german shepherd guard dog instincts of sweeping the perimeter of the house and patrolling for danger. We have a new baby and an injured older small dog who can’t play with her and we are seeking a home for her with a kind-hearted individual who is willing to work around her quirks. Her most difficult aspect is that she has major stranger danger. She is very afraid of new people and needs to meet most people several times before she will relax and be friendly. It will likely take multiple meetings before she will let you pet her. Once she is used to you, she is quite sweet and affectionate. She has a large group of people in our lives who she has let into her inner circle and she lights up and gets very excited to see them or when she knows we’re near their house. She is trained not to jump when greeting but will give kisses if allowed. She would do best in a mellow environment and would thrive with a homebody or couch potato. Raven gets one fluoxetine (prozac) pill in the morning, which she takes easily in some cheese or other treat. She is on a limited ingredient food for suspected allergies (wheat or corn most likely), it doesn’t seem to matter what brand or flavor as long as those two aren’t in it. She knows basic commands including “go to bed” and “out of the kitchen”, is well house trained, does well on her gentle leader but is not loose leash trained. She is crate trained and enjoys the option of a crate but doesn’t need one. She did very well with clicker training and is treat motivated. She loves to be chased, especially with a harmonica, which makes her go nuts and do her hilarious low-butt run. She also is wild about the laser pointer and is mesmerized by lights. She’s an avid spider and fly hunter as well! Hoping someone out there is missing a companion and loves this dog!

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