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!!!! Chanelle !!!!

!!!! URGENT !!!!!
Chanel is a sweet loving girl that need’s a home ASAP

She is nurtured and is very soft and gentle

She also does amazing with other dog’s, does okay with small animals

I am having to re-home my baby girl because of my financial condition

She doesn’t like the Kennel or being left alone for long periods of time, she is very clingy and very snuggly and all she want’s is too cuddle all day!


Rocco is a 1 year old GSD/Rott mix. He’s been my toddlers best friend and guardian from day 1. Since then we’ve brought home a newborn whom Rocco has also taken to. I wholeheartedly believe he would give his life up to protect his humans. Rocco is a “working dog”, while he is still working on behavioral training, he is a smart dog who can be trained to do tasks, with a lot of time & effort of course. Unfortunately we cannot keep Rocco because he has a very high prey drive for small animals (small dogs, birds, cats). Unfortunately Rocco almost killed a small animal in front of the kids & left my 2 yr old traumatized. Rocco did not kill out of anger or fear, in fact he likes to “play” with his prey before killing. He has never snapped on a human & doesn’t have an aggressive bone in his body when it comes to his human family/friends. He does great with other large dogs but a proper introduction is necessary. Rocco tends to cower down to other dogs near his size before he warms up to them. Rocco is very high energy & likes to play with other dogs of his size. He is still growing but weighs almost 80lbs!! Mind you he’s been fixed since he was 4 months old. Rocco would make a great family pet, as he is still only 1yr old. Rocco is kennel trained but he deserves to go to a home where he doesn’t have to be kenneled in order to avoid him taunting small animals. This is a prey drive that is not guaranteed to be fixed by any amount of training. However he is also a wonderful companion & has so much potential. Please help me find loving home for Rocco without any small animals. He deserves a shot at life in which I cannot give him right now but I won’t give up on finding him a fit home because he deserves it.


Loves to sit at home all day. Loves kids,cats and other dogs.


Is there anyone who would be willing to watch a sweet dog (French Mastiff), that my husband and I just rescued, from Thursday March 14th until Monday March 25th? We found him running down our street on Thursday March 7th. He apparently has been running around the area for weeks but nobody had been able to catch him. He has a microchip but the registration wasn’t active and the old number associated with it is disconnected. We have him posted on PawBoost and other lost/found pet websites. We already looked into Greenville Animal Care, as well as the Humane Society, and neither are options due to possibility of euthanasia and time constraints (Humane society has 8 week waiting period for surrenders). So we plan to foster him until an owner comes forward, we can find him a good home, or a no-kill rescue org can take him.

Unfortunately due to upcoming travel this week and other circumstances, we are unable to take care of him from the 14th-25th. We took him to the vet for a full work up, rabies vaccine, and got some health info on him. If anyone can help keep him safe and warm until March 25th, I’ll give you more details. He is the most calm, quiet, gentle, and sweet dog. Over the last few days he has been a rockstar at the vet, riding in the car and getting a bath at Pet Supplies Plus. He’s great on a leash… and he’s a snuggler.

He is slightly favoring one of his back legs. We thought he may have been hit by a car, but the vet took images, said it looks like osteoarthritic changes, and started him on an anti-inflammatory med that he takes with a treat. But she did say to keep him away from other dogs for a few weeks just to play it safe and see how he does without any extra activity of running or playing for the time being. We have been taking him for walks around the block and he does great. We have not seen how he is with cats either, so it’s best to have a pet free house for now.

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