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Tazz is very friendly and LOVES all people and most other pets. He gets so excited anytime he meets a new person. He spends most of his days taking naps. When he’s not napping, he loves to play with toys. He loves to cuddle on the couch or in bed. As he’s getting older, he is definitely starting to become a bit less patient with other dogs. He’s starting to go deaf. His vision is better than his hearing at the moment. He also deals with incontinency and wears diapers. He still has healthy digestion.

Biggie Boy

His Bio Is in his photos!! Please read 🙏🏼

* Message from El Paso Animal Services: If adopted through Home to Home, this pet will be provided spay/neuter surgery and microchip if not already administered. Please use the code [A0055785341] and send an email to if you would like to redeem these services. Spay/ neuter services are limited while grant money is available.


This is Max, he was adopted October 7 when he was 10 weeks he is currently 6 months. He was listed as a multipoo when we adopted him but according to the vet, he looks like a Lhasa Apso. He does not shed. He is a very good puppy, very playful and smart. He does great with my children. I have a two-year-old and a four-year-old and he is amazing with them he is also protective over them. My two year old is rough with him, and he does not lash out at her. He is potty trained. He knows a few tricks….Stay, come, sit, give me paw, leave it, go to bed, some of the basics. He is a barker, he will bark when someone’s at the door he will bark when he hears people walking by. He likes being cuddled, he loves attention. He is good with other dogs. He has gone to the dog park a few times if the dogs are too much for him, he tends to be alone or give you a look like it’s time to go. The reason why we decided to give him up was because he is extremely attached. He doesn’t like to be alone he will cry nonstop until you get back. We try to take him with us to many dog friendly places we can but even to go take my daughter to school It’s a hassle. There has been a couple incidents where he gets on the kitchen counter to get to the window above our sink to look out for us and has made a mess. I’m looking to rehome him with someone who understands that he has separation anxiety and it’s something that has to be worked on. Preferably someone who has another pet to keep him company while he’s alone. Apart from his separation anxiety, he is a wonderful puppy. Vaccinated up-to-date, no health concerns, he still has some of his puppy teeth. If you have any other questions, feel free to message me.


Zoomer is a 12 year old Lhasa Apso. He is white with brown fur mix. He is about 16 pounds. He is temporarily staying with my family because his Mama was recently moved to adult foster care and can no longer care for him. He is sweet, affectionate and loves to be with people. He gets along with other dogs he lives with, but sometimes will bark at other dogs on a walk. He is learning to live with cats currently. Zoomer would love a home where his human is home mostly, can devote their time to petting his belly, snuggles and walks. He loves to play fetch with his ball and play with his stuffed animal toys. Zoomer has had a wellness vet plan for his whole life, getting all the vet health care, vaccines and support he needs. He had a vet visit this month and received a clean bill of health. He has been pampered and spoiled, as a grandma spoils her fur baby. If it happens to be that he can be adopted by someone local to Vancouver, WA area, we would be interested in coordinating possible visits to his Mama.

Zoomer is trying a home visit with a potential adoption this week. I will update if a adoption happens.

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