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Her name is Kimba!!! she is a one year old Golden Retriever/Labrador retriever mix , she was the runt out of a litter of 10 , we have had her for most her life . We got her at 3 months and until then she grew up in the backyard of the person we got her from. She is a highly energetic pup , that needs daily exercise , such as walks , runs, and training.

She is house broken , will paw at the door if your within view and bark and sit near the door if she needs to go out, she is crated trained and will go into her crate when asked , unless she feels like being playful and will lay on her back and ask for a scratch instead near the crate. We crate her when we go on short 2-3 hour outings , longer than that we place her in the backyard . At night she was crated around 8-9 pm and we would let her out around 7 am. She knows the commands sit and off, she will run out the door if given the opportunity its something we have been working on and she is getting better at sitting when the door opens.

Now the reason we are rehoming her, a few months ago she bit but didn’t break skin on one of my children when they walked past her food. We then started training her not to food guard and she did well as long as there was an adult there, once it was just a child by themselves she would revert back to food guarding. We then took her to a trainer and behaviorist and she did well once again with adults , but with children she would revert back to food guarding. The behaviorist believes she views small children as litter mates and being the runt growing up in the backyard hardwired her mind to guard food . She has never acted this way with adults just children, i have 3 small children and this is not a risk we can take at this time.

Kimba would be an amazing dog for a household with NO CHILDREN! shes a total love bug and loves getting pets and hugs.


Noelle is a one year old Siberian husky lab mix. she was born on July 7, 2022.
she is housebroken, knows basic commands. She does not like cats. She is up to date on all shots. She get brevecto every three months for fleas and ticks as wells as a monthly heart worm prevention medication. She is great with children of all ages.


Freya is a once in a lifetime dog with extensive training. Unfortunately she is not thriving in my pack and is in need of a specific placement.

The good: Freya knows about 50 cues and has extensive training. She is extremely loyal and loves to work for her handler. She is wonderful to live with and can be left unsupervised. She has no bad house habits, is non destructive, is crate trained, and goes to the bathroom on command. Freya travels well and loves to go for car rides. Freya loves all humans and is good with kids. Freya is low management and relaxed in the house. She loves to hike, swim, and ski. She has hiked, climbed mountains, and backpacked hundreds of miles with me. She is a fantastic backcountry companion. Freya has a great recall and checks in frequently when off leash. Freya walks nicely on leash and is non reactive to people and dogs. Freya is healthy and fit and has never been injured or ill. She is in good shape and can cover a lot of country. She rides on the back of an ATV and/or follows.

The not so good: Freya needs to be the ONLY animal in the house. She has select dog aggression and can absolutely not be off leash with other dogs. She has lived in a pack for the last 4 years and the only way she can be managed is to be muzzled or kept separate. Unfortunately this is not a fair way for her to live and I want her to have a better quality of life. When on crowded trails, Freya wears a muzzle, she does not do well with off leash dogs charging her (which happens frequently here), although can be managed. That being said, she is not at all leash reactive and knows how to sit and let other dogs pass. I do not let her go nose to nose with other dogs. Freya also has extremely high prey drive and will kill rodents if allowed. She has learned how to ignore deer but will chase them if not supervised. She is fine with horses and has some natural herding instincts with cattle. She should not live with cats. She has some sound sensitivity and does not do well around gunfire (even distant).

Please reach out if you think you might be a good fit for Freya.


Spirit is such a great boy! He does well with our young children, he will get up if he doesn’t want to interact with them anymore. He doesn’t have an issue with our other dog and ferret, I’m not sure about other animals though.

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