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We found Minnow abandoned on the side of highway 97 outside of Monse Washington. She was in rough shape and left next to a dirty little dog bed. Our goal was to get her to a shelter but found a lot were over capacity and we decided to get her in good health and find her a home on our own. She is spayed, up to date on shots, chipped, and has established veterinarian care. She is confirmed to be 2 at the oldest and assumed to be an Alaskan Klee Kai. She is hit or miss with our pup as he’s older and we are not sure how she will do with our infant when she is born (we found out we were pregnant a few weeks after finding Minnow which has sped up our adoption timeline). She is high energy and very loyal. She will be her new owners shadow that’s for certain. Needs help with the rest of her training but is house broken and kennel trained in just about 6 months since we brought her home. She is very loving and if entertained daily with getting some wiggles out she will be happy as can be.

*Home To Home is a platform that allows interested adopters to connect directly with people looking to rehome their pets. Homeward Pet Adoption Center (HPAC) has not evaluated or assessed this pet. HPAC is unable to provide any additional information or guarantees – please contact the pet owner directly to learn more about them. For more information about the Home To Home program, please visit our website at

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