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Looking for new home, shes just too big for our house she is a great dog. shes very sweet


I am looking to rehome my dog, Roo.

Roo is sweet toward almost every person she meets–although she is very vocal and can be a bit nervous at first introduction. Usually, a few scratches will completely win her over. She is very affectionate and will talk at you if she wants more attention.

She is high energy most of the time but has her lazy moments of sleeping or cuddling. She gets very excited when it’s time to put on her leash and go outside, and has trouble sitting still for that process. She has learned to “sit” and “wait” before being told “okay” to go in or out of any doorway. She also is very good at “sit, wait, okay” for feeding times.

Roo has some behavior issues and requires a patient owner. She does not get along well with other dogs. She sometimes reacts very loudly when on-leash, but other times is good at staying quiet and walking the other way. We have been working on this for many years to achieve a neutral reaction but she still struggles with it.

We did previously live with another male dog and they got along great, but she was attacked by 2 dogs in our old neighborhood and seems to be more wary of dogs now. I would not recommend adopting her if you have another dog or cat. I would not recommend allowing her off-leash in public or introducing her to other dogs on-leash. She has had play time with male dogs successfully in the past but we have mostly avoided interacting with other dogs for the past couple years. She might do okay with a slow introduction if the other dog is more submissive.

Roo is about 52lbs.

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