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Nugget is a sweet, playful, smart puppy and would be a wonderful addition to a family, especially with kids.


Thumper is a very sweet, smart and energetic 6.5 year old who loves watching squirrels and birds, zipping around the yard, and learning new tricks. He is a very quick learner for new behaviors and tricks. Thumper loves cuddling and playing fetch as well, and his favorite food treats are bananas and cheese. Unfortunately, Thumper has been exhibiting separation anxiety, his previous owner was a student and home much more of the time. I think Thumper needs to be in a house where someone is present much more of the time, and that is not possible for me to provide as I live alone and work away from home. He deserves to be in a more comforting and safe space than I can provide him.

He is up to date on shots and is 31 lbs.


Mira is a very loving, crazy, smart dog. She will attach to your hip and become very loyal to you. Mira has a massive amount of energy and does require a lot of play time and walks. She does have quite an attitude and she doesn’t do great with other dogs except her sister, but she has been able to co exist with other dogs before.


Good around kids
Loves cuddles
loved rubs and kisses
Barks at strangers at first glance
Indoor puppy
likes to run
rope toys are his favorite
Potty trained but we take him outdoors 3 times a day for potty time

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