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Introducing Cooper Girl, the resilient small dog with a heart full of love! Rescued from a New York shelter, Cooper now calls Texas home, where she adores basking in the sun, playing fetch with her favorite ball, and snuggling up for cuddles. She’s a true lap dog at heart, loving people with all her being. While she’s fantastic with adults, she prefers a home without young children. Kids under the age of 12 make her anxious, so she would thrive best in a home without them. If you’re looking for a loyal companion to brighten your days, Cooper is ready to steal your heart!


Demi is a Purebred Italian greyhound. She has a sleek Blue Coat with white markings. She’s quick to learn and loves to cuddle. She is looking for someone who can provide a loving environment with plenty of exercise, warmth, and compassion.


Misty is a very sweet girl. She loves spending her time getting attention and cuddles from humans, then the rest of her time under a blanket on the couch. She’d love to spend her nights cuddled up in your bed under a blanket, but anywhere under a blanket could do.

Misty does have dog aggression and would do best as an only dog. While going for walks, I’ll usually have to hold her as we pass by another dog, and she’ll growl under her breath. She is great with humans of all ages though.

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