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Bastion (Bash)

Happy healthy boy. Takes a while to warm up to strangers but has been a great family pet for us the last 6+ years. He is very obedient and a great alarm dog(let’s you know when the UPS man arrives). He is 7 years old but still has a lot of energy and loves to run and play. He travels well in the car. He is pretty good with my two young sons but when they give him too much attention he hides from them. As most dogs do he loves affection and attention and if you let him he will get up on you and cuddle you like crazy. He doesn’t get table scraps most of the time but he will definitely play the role of vacuum if food falls from the table. He does not shed and is hypoallergenic (untested). He requires grooming every few months. He is currently an indoor dog and likes to sleep in the office with me while I work. No known health issues or allergies. In general he is a very good dog.


Torben is a very good boy. He is just shy of 50 pounds and a DNA test told us he was mostly Border Collie with a little Irish Setter. He is well trained, loves a good pet and snuggle and will be your best companion. He has always gotten along well with our older dog and dogs that we meet at the park or on the trails. He is great on leash, off leash, in a raft and in the car. In our house, Torben is a complete couch potato, but is always happy to join us on our outdoor adventures. We have put many hours into training Torben and just love him so much. His one big struggle is that he is a noise sensitive dog. Fireworks and thunderstorms are scary to him and it turns out this sensitivity also extends to our toddler’s play noises. Over the past two years (since our son was born) we have tried everything to maintain a happy home for Torbs, but with another baby on the way, we have come to the difficult conclusion that he would be better off in a toddler-free home.

We know that he could fit right into someone else’s home and bring them the joy that he has brought us over the years, just as we know that it isn’t fair to him to stay in a home where he can’t fully relax due to fear of our toddler.

To be fully transparent, he has never tried to bite or acted more aggressive than growling at our kid. We have managed Torben’s uneasiness to this point by always being nearby when our toddler is playing in his vicinity and helping to remove him if the situation becomes too stressful. His vet started him on Prozac in August of 2022 which has helped some, but we believe if he was out of our stressful situation he could be weaned off of the medication. He was the happiest and silliest of dogs prior to us having a baby.

Torben could be the easy going, well trained companion of your dreams, please reach out if you want to meet him!


He’s an AKC Irish Setter that hails from Yreka, California. He comes from a small breeder who is no longer in practice: Evocati Ranch. Currently, Rooney is 1 year and 8 months. He was born on May 22, 2021 [He’s a Gemini baby]. Rooney is currently 26 inches tall, and weighs about 75 lbs. I believe that he has officially hit his full height and weight.

Overall, Rooney is such a loving, goofy, velcro boy. He loves to meet new people, and as a natural side effect he loves to go out and socialize. Rooney does not have any issues socializing with other dogs. He’s high energy, and constantly self plays. Rooney will need to be able to physically release his energy either by walks, dog park excursions, or wild out in your backyard. He requires mental stimulation as well, and because of this he will need to constantly be engaged with by practicing tricks | commands, require some snuffle mats or puzzle balls, etc. Rooney is highly motivated by food, and will listen almost 100% of the time for the right reward. Cheese is his favorite. This little punk is stubborn, and that is most likely due to his intelligence.

Rooney has attended the Ahimsa Dog Training Center. He has completed his Basic and Intermediate Manners Courses. The next class I will enroll him in (if he is still under my care) will be the Leash and Recall Course. Rooney has done a lot of hard work in the almost two years of his life. He knows his basic commands like: Sit, Down, Wait, Bed. He knows some tricks like Spin, Roll over, Bow, Paw [lure based]. He knows some phrases for walking, such as: Lets go, turn around, leave it. Rooney currently is walked with a gentle lead.

Rooney is potty trained, and does not mark nor pee within the house. He will let you know that he needs to be let out by pawing at the door.

Rooney does not show any signs of aggression with other Dogs or People.

Rooney is reactive in an excitable “I want to greet you” manner, and has the tendency to pull in order to go meet whomever has grabbed his attention.

Rooney used to constantly be reactive and excitable towards moving cars, however, I have worked very hard with him on leaving it and it has paid off. Please note, the practice isn’t full proof yet. He will sometimes still become excitable over a moving car.

Rooney is in perfect physical health, and is fully update to date with his vaccinations. He is neutered.

Rooney does have the tendency to show separation anxiety. This is most likely due to how velcro he is by nature. To tack onto, he is also a Pandemic puppy. I will always recommend that you crate Rooney upon stepping out of your living space.

He is currently on a Fromm Brand Diet. I feed Rooney about 4-5 cups of kibble a day. I would advise that you limit how much water is in his bowl as he is prone to drinking way to much and will vomit. He is given a variety of bones, bullies, and chews to keep his mouth engaged.

I envision the best rehoming environment for Rooney will be:
1) one in which he is able to be within a family unit in which another dog is a part of or children
2) a yard and more than 800 square feet would be paradise for him
3) The guardian has the time to provide the attention he needs

Be informed, that I am working closely with the Irish Setter Club of Seattle – Rescue chair. I will be placing considered candidates in warm contact after processing interviews with you. It is important to note that the Rescue Chair and I will most likely need 2-4 months in order to successfully place Rooney. After all, Rooney is family to me.

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