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Sensitive, intelligent, and cuddley- this is Ruby! I am amazed at her progress post-rescue. She is quick to respond on a lead and highly trainable. She does need an owner who can take the time and have the wherewithal to notice her cues! She is shy amounts strangers but loves other animals! I was able to easily train her to be calm with cats. She has the faithful love of a lab coupled with the calm gentleness of a greyhound!
Unfortunately, my family is not able to keep up the responsibilities needed for dog ownership. Ruby is house trained and does not chew !! I don’t think she’s quite one year old yet.


We adopted Rocco from the Carson animal shelter in July. He is a very energetic puppy who loves to play fetch. He is a little too big for our apartment and we want to give him the home that he deserves. He is about 1 year old. He is one of the most kind, loving, and cuddly dogs we have ever met he would be a great companion for someone who has more free time and a bigger space.


Sweet as pie. Great! With people, children ideally wouldn’t fit into a family. Loves other pets as well. Has a lot of energy and loves to run. Love to chase the squirrels. Ideally a yard for her to run free and would be great. I just lost my home and I’m homeless and I just do not have the means to give her the best life she deserves. She’s a Greyhound mix and she’s approximately 1-year-old.


Enzo had an abusive home for about a year before I rescued him from the shelter. It took him months to warm up to myself & my partner, and learn how to be a dog. He has bitten a few people in the past, small warning bites letting them know they’re actions made him
uncomfortable. He acts out of fear and uncertainty, not out of aggression but it can come across that way. He’s never had that behavior towards me or my partner, he has just become very protective of us, especially me now that I am a single woman. We have been separated for over a year now and I unfortunately don’t have the time or finances to care for him on my own. Enzo needs a home who has experience with behavior issues in dogs. A home who is willing to understand him, work with him, bond with him, be patient with him. He is a wonderful dog, however he has his triggers. I haven’t been able to afford a progressional trainer, but I know that would go a long way. He could be a great hunting dog. He loves hiking and exploring, never quite got fetch. But he also is very relaxed and likes to just be in your company. He isn’t one for affection but he’ll slowly start asking for it once he becomes comfortable with you. He doesn’t have experience with children or cats and is unsure of larger dogs; however has never had an issue with small dogs

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