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Our family members became homeless so we brought Brutus into our home. It is extremely crowded and we do not have the space for him to roam since we have a house with no fence and our landlord won’t let us add one. Everyone that meets him says he’s a sweet boy and beautiful.


Jacks is about 9 years old. He is boarder collie and Great Pyrenees. He was my mother’s dog and she passed 3 years ago. He was placed with a friend of the family, but they no longer want him, has nothing to do with jacks they just didn’t want a big dog. He is a medium size dog just has a very wide back. He is great with kids, cats and other dogs. I have 4 dogs of my own and I want him to got to a family that will give him lots of loves and attention.


Ghost is a loving Great Pyrenees, he loves cats and children as well as other dogs. He’s not aggressive whatsoever. He is a complete lover boy. He is a runner though but I’m trying to work on that. He would do best in a fenced in yard or being let out on a leash.


Mable is the white pup pictured. She is St.Bernard/great pyranese. She is very active and loves to play catch she just struggles giving the ball back. If you’re looking for a working dog, this is the dog for you! She has had one round of shots and can go back in for second shots anytime. She is very loving and playful. Great around kids and has been raised with other animals including cats and another dog.

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