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Marshall came to us a little over a month ago. His owners had to move cross country and couldn’t take him. He will thrive in a house with kids and other dogs. He knows sit, shake and stay. Loves to lounge around and get all the cuddles. Having a yard for his horse like zoomies will be best. He is very curious and likes to be where you are.

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Dogs and cats rehomed within San Diego County may be eligible for spay or neuter services. Please contact us at once rehoming is complete to take advantage of this offer. Animals posted to this site should not have rehoming or fostering fees. If fees are requested, please reach out to ***

Guster (Gus)

Gus is a beautiful 3.5 year old Great Dane and Pit mix. He can be very sweet and cuddly and likes being with his people. He is a smart boy who is crate trained, potty trained and knows lots of commands. He is good with other dogs and is submissive. He was a baby during Covid, so he was not exposed to a lot of people or things and because of that he is afraid of things. We were told that he was left alone a lot as a puppy before we got him, so he has some separation anxiety and doesn’t like to be alone for long periods of time. He has shown some food aggression (growling) not frequently. He has also growled at our child as well as other children who visited our home. This is our reason for rehoming, we feel like he needs to go to a home with NO CHILDREN. He is a big boy weighing in at 100 pounds, so he needs a patient owner who can train and control him. He can be such a sweet boy and is not very active, he likes to lounge on the couch by you all day and snuggle.


Barney is a male great dane pitbull mix, hes a year old and hes not fixed. he loves love and attention. hes hyper and boney but he only means well.


Loki is a 13-month-old purebred blue mantle Great Dane. He is housebroken, crate trained, current on shots, and is in great health. He weighs 120 pounds so far. He isn’t neutered yet due to breed recommendations to wait until closer to 18 months to allow for full skeletal growth. He knows most basic commands, walks very well on a leash with a Gentle Leader headcollar, and willingly goes into his crate when told. He’ll do basically anything for a piece of cheese or ham.

We are rehoming him due to his unease around young kids. He does fine with our two young boys, as well as with two neighborhood kids that practically live with us, but we have to keep him crated when the daily troop of other area kids comes through our house. He has never attacked or bitten anyone, but he does growl from his crate at unfamiliar people in the house if he can see or hear them.

Despite his lack of actual aggression, we would rather not take the chance that he might develop some if the overly enthusiastic kids get overwhelming. That said, he has been all bark so far and is much more likely to wet himself if he thought he was in trouble or when faced with someone he feels is being actively dominant. He has had the best of care and treatment with us so I’m not sure where the meekness comes from.

He plays with our other 16-month-old Great Dane well most of the time, but they do get too angsty at each other occasionally and we have to tell them to knock it off (no injuries). Loki has been exposed to smaller dogs and got along well with them.

I suggest that he go to a home without kids or solely with older ones due to his size. He may do well with other dogs. After neutering he may calm down and mellow out around new people, but until then he may do best with a family that can develop trust with him and spend time socializing him.

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