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Hi! I’m oakley, an energetic Miniature-Goldedoodle.
I was born February 16th 2023 and was a natural introvert. I do love humans but bigger dogs make me shy! I love running around chasing rubber balls and chew toys. I especially love stuffed animals as well as peanut butter.


Nana is so loving. She’s very clingy and loves to lick you non stop! Super lovable with kids. Very playful.


We purchased Basil from a family friend who bred 100% purebred Golden Retrievers (no papers). Basil is named after the whisky “Basil Hayden” since the color of a golden’s fur matches the beverage.

It’s hard to say what motivates him, whether snacks or toys, he’s just ready for whatever is fun. This has made training a bit challenging. Basil still tugs on walks. He is mostly potty trained, but occasionally has accidents at random. He is kennel trained and knows basic commands like sit, paw, down, wait/stay, inside, leave it, get it, and release. He is still learning/a puppy so he won’t hold a command very long before he gets distracted.

Basil is still a puppy and needs a lot of attention but he did grow out of having separation anxiety. Basil can be chill but when guests are around, he gets very rowdy and jump up on people. He has never bit anyone but can be very vocal when things don’t go his way. He loves being where his humans are at all times and will be vocal if he is not allowed to join. He’s afraid of loud noises and smoke. He is very curious and loves stealing small pieces of clothing.

We have a second grader and newborn whom Basil gets jealous of. He leaves the kids alone however becomes aggressive towards mama for caring for the children— instead of giving him sole attention. This includes barking, lunging, and gnashing of teeth towards mama when attention is on the baby and not him. Basil has not intentionally injured anyone. However we are taking precautions because his “all bite no bark” is transitioning and we believe he’s ready to take action. He’s becoming much more aggressive now that the baby is here.

We believe Basil will thrive with an individual who is very active and that Basil won’t need to share attention with. He may do well with other pets or older kids but it’s hard to say given his puppy energy.

Feel free to reach out with any questions.

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We got this sweet girl thinking we could have a newborn baby a puppy at the same time…..
She is really lovable and needs more attention than we have time for.
She is a year old, fixed, chipped, and fully up to date on shots.
She knows sit, lay down and is mostly house trained. She pees a little when too excited as a lot of puppies do. We took her to a trainer and they said she just needs to build confidence through time and that goes away.
She is crate trained for during the day.
Feel free to text with any questions or more pics
405 778-4 zero 68

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