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Fun loving, active puppy that loves to go on a walk or run every morning and evening. 8 months old and growing fast, Obi doesn’t know his size yet and just wants to cuddle up and be a part of the fun! Has been around kids of various ages and other animals with no problems. He cannot be around poultry, which is why he needs to find a home that fits him better! Fenced in yard and a walk or two a day are needs that Obi has! He is still in his chewing phase and loves a big bone to work on during his down time. This boy is a big sweetie and will do well with a family or active person who wants a furry buddy. He has an intimidating bark and shows great loyal traits, with the right training and time commitment he will be an amazing buddy for a very long time!


A mixed breed of mainly German Shorthaired Pointer and German Shepherd. He is 6+ months old and loves having frequent zoomies and explore the outdoors.


Hello!! Due to illness I now have to find a new home for Hudson. My husband works all day and my daughter goes to school, I took care of him and went out with him for a walk but I can’t anymore. Hudson is 2 years old, his vaccinations are up to date, he has an AKC certificate, a very good companion and he gets along with cats. (I don’t know with other dogs, because we only have him). He needs a lot of space since he likes to run and spend time outside in the yard, he is very energetic and playful I would like a person or a family who cares for him and loves him as we have done since he was 2 months old until now. To take care of him, love him, have the space and dedicate time to him


Trapper is a high energy German Shorthair. He loves the outdoors but likes to sleep inside (preferably in a warm cozy bed) at night. He will fetch for hours if you let him. He has been in boats and the water. He does need daily exercise. He doesn’t particularly like small yippy dogs that don’t leave him alone, but otherwise doesn’t mind other dogs. He gets along with cats and farm animals. He has only been around wild bunnies, which he does chase so I don’t know about pet bunnies.

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