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1 of 11 puppies born to our 2 dogs last November 7, a female doberman and male german shephard. Tali is very playful and energetic. Loves to run around the yard and play with the other dogs.


Eddy is a lovable Australian Cattle Dog/German Pinscher mix. He is 4 years old and full of energy! Eddy usually spends his days playing with his favorite toys and trying to play fetch inside the house. He loves playing with chew toys and going to the dog park. He loves his treats, which he knows as “cookies” and will snuggle up at the end of the day with his favorite human. My husband and I took in Eddy about 6 months ago from a friend, but unfortunately we weren’t aware of his behavior.

Eddy is a great companion, but he has some behavioral problems. He is very territorial, which results in him barking often at neighbors and other animals. Eddy does live with a 6-year-old female dog, and he adjusted really well, but he does tend to get territorial with his food and toys. Eddy also shows signs of aggression when he is disciplined. If Eddy has an accident in the house or barks at a neighbor and we try to stop him or tell him no he will growl. He will go into his kennel after he misbehaves, but he won’t let anyone shut the kennel door without growling and trying to nip. It is definitely something that can be worked on, but unfortunately, my husband and I are unable to dedicate enough time to Eddy for him to thrive. He’s a dog that needs plenty of attention and time outside.

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