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7 Months Old Male French Bulldog Pup For Adoption

It is with a heavy heart that we are looking to re-home Reggie…a French Bulldog who is 7 months old. He is very playful and compatible . He is home and potty trained and current on all vaccinations. He is adapting well with other dogs and would be best in a home with other dogs as play mates. He would do very well with children, he is potty trained, and overall is a very loving boy. His kennel, toys, and food would be included. If you think you can provide a good home for him then you can message me on this platform .


Duke is a super sweet 4 month old Frenchie. He’s microchipped, puppy pad trained, he’s very mellow. He loves children and other dogs.

Paul Legend

Originally from a breeder before previous owner. No papers but he’s half French Bulldog and American Staffordshire Terrier. Looks like a French Bulldog but a bit bigger (30lbs). Recently adopted him from this site. Only had him a few weeks. Unfortunately the previous owner didn’t give us all the information. He’s a great dog, incredibly smart and very sweet. However he is not fully potty trained….I would say about 70%. The real problem though is that because he’s not neutered he has developed a behavioral humping problem. We just finished training our one and a half year old Lab and thought we would be getting a fully trained dog. Sadly we do not have the time to train him but he is completely worth it if someone has the time. He’s great in the car, with cats, in his crate at night and when we leave, with two dogs that he’s been around. Doesn’t bark (except if he’s in his crate and you’re home), does not pull on his leash. We took him to our camper at a lake and he loved it. We were able to have him loose and he just stayed right by us so he’s not a flight risk in a safe environment. (On that note: he needs a fitted harness as his head and neck are so large…he can walk out of his collar and harness (more accidentally than purposefully). He really loves being outside. He was in an apartment before us. He does need a lot of attention and he is a Velcro dog. Current on rabies.


This is Cowboy!! He’s a very sweet silly boy who LOVES to cuddle! He would be happiest having all of your attention during play and training or just getting as close to you as possible to snuggle up and go limp haha! He is seriously the best cuddler I’ve ever known! Cowboy is also house trained! He just needs to have a regular routine! He loves to play keep away with toys, tug of war and fetch. He loves his frozen kongs and lick mats!:) This kid is so smart!! He knows sit, down wait and okay. He even learned touch and “paw” in one day!! When you come home Cowboy greets you with hugs and lets you pick him up and hold him. Sometimes he gets too excited and licking turns into mouthing. We taught him to grab a toy when he gets excited so that he has the right outlet for that behavior (and he wiggles around with the toy in his mouth just so happy to see you!)

Cowboy has been living with us for just over a couple months and we have loved every bit of it. We’ve learned a lot together!! He is in his teen years which means he’ll test boundaries if he doesn’t have consistent routines.

While Cowboy has been living in our apartment with our other dog and my partner, we learned that he’s not super comfortable around other dogs. We haven’t had major conflicts in our home but it’s pretty clear that they are not happy sharing a small space together.

He’s had a few successful trips to the dog park, dog beach and meeting family’s dogs but still needs to work on building positive interactions.

Cowboy is the sweetest most amazing little man! I want to see him thrive in a loving home because I know he can! I feel like we are holding him back from that level of happiness.

I’m more than happy to answer any and all questions about him.

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