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We recently adopted from the shelter about a month ago but due to park management they declined for us to keep her. We are very angry and sad at the same time that we have grown attached with her and it breaks us to let her go. We just want her to be happy with the owner who will take good care of her. She is good dog she does sleep well on her cage she like walks and play fetch. She still need more training since she is still 6 months old. She loves my 16 teenager. She does well by herself only. She is potty training but she does get excited if she waits too long for you to get out the cage. We are patient to work with her training still has a long way to go but that applies to any dog you rescue at the shelter. She is very loving and she has a good hearing when some is coming to your house. She sleeps all night and makes no noise. She would someone who has a back yard and someone who like to go hiking. She know her name very well. We have taken her good care of her dental hygiene so no smell compared to other pets. She does take some vitamins and organic hemp every day.


This is Bentley he’s very sweet love cuddles an walks not to big on car rides he’s very shy for the first few days and yells whenever I leave the house doesn’t do well with other animals


Beau is very sweet. He loves attention and will rest his head on your lap. He loves walks. He will eat small animals. He is dog aggressive. He barks. He is house broken and crate trained. He will dig out from under a fence so has to be chained up.


Grayson is a major goofball. He loves to give kisses all day, every day and is always down for hugs and snuggles. He doesn’t usually go for fuzzy toys but will happily run back and forth with a tennis ball in his mouth. Grayson unfortunately has severe allergies that are currently controlled by Apoquel. Even with the medication, he can’t have any food or treats with chicken. Grayson is major love bug with people of all ages and is content to snooze all day or take a brisk walk. He prefers to be the only dog as he wants to keep his people all to himself. If he is around other dogs, he usually tries so hard to dominate the other dog (absolutely no biting though) that the other dog becomes frustrated. As you can see by the pictures, if the other dog is good natured enough to allow his rude behavior, friendship is possible once he realizes his bluff won’t work. Aside from issues with dogs and needing medication, Grayson is a great dog who rarely barks, doesn’t destroy things, and has never peed in our house over the last 9 years. He’s a good boy! Let him love you and watch that tail never stop wagging.

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