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Penelope is a lovely sweet little girl, I rescued her from the street, she’s very healthy now, friendly whit dogs and humans, loves to be love and she’s ready to make her way into her new home.
Penelope is well behaved.


Her name is Amora; we named her that because she has a heart shaped patch on her back. She was born in Oct 19th of last year she’s still very much in the “pup” stage. She’s very energetic gets the zoomies which just cracks me up.

She is very good with kids as I have children myself. She loves to play. She is crate trained. She has her rabies shot as well as the 5 in 1 shot, but she does need another dose.

We love her very much however I believe I am allergic to her. Ever since we brought her home I have not been feeling very well while I’m around her; I have developed vertigo due to sinus infection from allergies. I really want her to go to a great home with a yard as she loves to run. She will be an amazing addition to your family and bring lots of love and laughs because she sure has with ours. Until I find her a safe and great home I will continue to take allergy meds and love her. She’s a bit bigger than the pics, but not much…


Grayson is a major goofball. He loves to give kisses all day, every day and is always down for hugs and snuggles. He doesn’t usually go for fuzzy toys but will happily run back and forth with a tennis ball in his mouth. Grayson unfortunately has severe allergies that are currently controlled by Apoquel. Even with the medication, he can’t have any food or treats with chicken. Grayson is major love bug with people of all ages and is content to snooze all day or take a brisk walk. He prefers to be the only dog as he wants to keep his people all to himself. If he is around other dogs, he usually tries so hard to dominate the other dog (absolutely no biting though) that the other dog becomes frustrated. As you can see by the pictures, if the other dog is good natured enough to allow his rude behavior, friendship is possible once he realizes his bluff won’t work. Aside from issues with dogs and needing medication, Grayson is a great dog who rarely barks, doesn’t destroy things, and has never peed in our house over the last 9 years. He’s a good boy! Let him love you and watch that tail never stop wagging.

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