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Mocha is a great dog! Absolutely non aggressive toward other dogs, and friendly with everyone. Big bark, but no bite! Lol. She just wants attention and love. She can be high energy, but is housebroken and good with a daily walk.

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Rebel is extremely sweet with everyone and everything. She loves her cuddles and her sleep. She isn’t super playful but she is a very relaxed dog. She loves kids and she loves other dogs. Her last home was full of dogs, however the two older dogs in her home did not like her, therefore the previous owner had to get rid of her. Rebel is great on a leash. She will walk by your side and follow you everywhere if you let her.


Rocco has been a great dog for our family. Our circumstances have changed and we are no longer able to care for him as he should be. He gets really nervous and has anxiety with new people but warms up quickly when he’s shown love. He is not a biter but has growled at us a few times when we make him do something he doesn’t want, like go to his room, get off the furniture. He is the typical stubborn Bulldogge. He has never had an accident in the house since he was 8 weeks old, not exaggerated, I mean never. He gets along with other dogs, I would be leary on children because of his size and anxiety.


Max is 9 years old love able, lazy dog. He enjoys cuddles and snacks. He’s an overall healthy dog for his breed & age with the occasional allergies here and there. He gets along well with children and other dogs of his breed. He’s allergic to exercise and outside and is a perfect family dog!

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