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Jaeger is an almost 2 year old Dutch Shepherd, he is incredibly intelligent and knows every single trick we could think of. He is friendly, attentive, and loves to do tricks and run around. Jaeger is a hyper boy that needs an owner that will take him on runs, hikes and walks or just throw the ball for him to retrieve it a 100 times and never get tired. He is crate trained and can also be left out and will lay down and relax next to his humans. Jaeger is the goodest boy and has the capability to be trained to do more.


Sadly I’m looking for a new home for our dog, Bella. I filed and won a domestic violence restraining order against my ex and he’s retaliating by forcing my kids and I out of our home. I’ll have to stay with a friend and can’t take Bella with us.

We rescued Bella last summer from a shelter when she was 9 weeks so she’s a little over a year old and around 50lbs. I included her embark results in the pictures. She’s up to date with her vaccinations and has no health issues. She is spayed and microchipped.

We did puppy beginner and intermediate training at PetSmart last fall and winter. I haven’t kept up with everything we learned but she’s house broken, crate and pen trained, knows basic commands and loves to play fetch. My girls are 5 and 7 and she does well with them. She’s very high energy though and would do best with an active family. She’s very sweet and gets along well with other dogs and people. We are absolutely heartbroken that we are having to rehome her but don’t have any choice. I’m located in Menifee but am willing to drive if a good home or rescue is able to take her.


Dio was found roaming around at a park in south central Los Angeles, abandoned and with no markers of identification. He was taken in late April 2023, approximately 5 months old at the time. He was immediately taken to the vet, where he was de wormed and treated with vaccines. He is up-to-date with his vaccines.

Dio is an energetic and playful pup! He loves going for daily walks around the neighborhood. Walking, playing fetch, and tug-o-war are some of his favorite pastimes. He can be shy around new people but can warm up quickly to them. Dio is playful with kids but should be supervised with children under the age of 10. He gets along well with other dogs and always displays a friendly demeanor towards them. He would benefit from having other canine companions in his new home to socialize with, but it is not a requirement. This pup would best match with someone who has an active lifestyle. If you enjoy going on hikes, walks along the beach, or outdoor activities, he is the dog for you! Despite his energy levels, Dio also likes napping throughout the day and knows when to wind down.

Unfortunately, we are unable to keep Dio with us for much longer. We are looking for someone who has the availability in their schedule to take good care of Dio. Someone who can train him and keep up with his active lifestyle. He is an intelligent and obedient dog. However, due to our busy schedules, we are unable to dedicate the time that he needs to be looked after and trained appropriately. He does well with treats and is loyal to his owner. He requires toys and activities that keep his attention.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Please consider adopting Dio if you are looking for a family pet! You can reach me at (626) 268-1530.

Thank you,


Luna loves to hike, swim, and play fetch. She is well trained in many commands. She does well with dogs who are larger than her as well as other farm animals including chickens.

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