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We’ve had Yuki since she was 8 weeks old and we are heartbroken to make the decision to rehome her. She is a sweet girl, but is large and clumsy. She knocks over the children getting from point A to B or jumps up to kiss them, which has lead to a few accidental injuries. She isn’t aggressive whatsoever, but because of her size she isn’t ideal for young children and we have three now. We’ve tried for the last three years to make it safe for everyone, but it just leads to Yuki being placed in her kennel. It isn’t right and she deserves a family that can have her by their side a majority of the day. She is a very loyal girl and is very attached to my husband. I know she will make an excellent companion for a family with older children or even a single individual. Access to a fenced in yard work be preferable because that’s what she is used to with us.

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