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She is a full breed doberman pitcher


Tiberius has been with us for about 8 months. He was in very poor condition when we took him in. He was under weight and had obvious signs of trauma, broken ribs and he was very defeated looking, head hanging down, he immediately got into our truck and refused to leave. He is a very loving and affectionate boy but he would do best as an only dog in an adult only home. He has shown some anxiety/fear in situations with loud/aggressive people, he has growled when he felt threatened or cornered. I would not suggest he be in a home with any young children. He has improved immensely but he needs an understanding and experienced adult. We have serious lifestyle changes and can no longer provide him with the home he needs. He is used to acreage living but he does not like cats. He is very healthy and robust now and really deserves a great home. He loves to travel in a vehicle and he has super recall skills and responds to basic commands. He has proven himself to be very loyal and thankful. He has some digestive issues when his food is changed but it resolves quickly. He has no serious health issues we are aware of.


Dexter is a very affectionate guy, he would prefer to be the only dog in the house as he gets very jealous for attention. He can be very calm and he loves to snuggle but he also loves to run and play with his toys in the yard. His favorite summer pastime is to play in the water or with the hose. He also loves to steal your socks. Dexter needs a home with loving people and he does very well with children. He has never shown any aggression towards people however with other dogs he is possessive of his space/toys and food. He has lived with a cat however, I would not trust him to be alone with one. He is young and healthy and used to living on an acreage, he requires lots of room for exercise and play. He is a beautiful soul who deserves a loving home. Unfortunately our circumstances have changed dramatically and we can no longer provide him with the home he needs.


Almost 2-year-old dobie with separation anxiety. When we first got him we were unaware of the behavior, but we are unable to offer the care he requires. He’s potty trained, loving, goofy and great with kids!

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