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Kaia and Xyla

These girls (sisters) will be 5 in November. We got them when they were 12 weeks old from a breeder out in Arkansas. They are both spayed, current on all vaccinations, and licensed in Virginia Beach. They are trained to stay off the furniture and not to jump up on people. However, we have been working on this with Xyla since we got her and she is just slow to learn. They are also both crate trained and sleep together in their crate at night. They are both great with kids and love all people!

We are hoping to avoid a shelter by posting on here, but my son has been having allergic reactions to them and we have tried just about everything we can.


About 2 years old
Very energetic
Potty trained in house


Willa is the most cuddly dog ever. As long as she is by someone, she is happy. She loves to run, or go on hikes. She has good endurance and stamina. She’s a calm dog, excited by food, and is food driven. She’s been at dog daycare and was ok with other dogs, but she cannot live with other animals. She doesn’t get along with cats or chickens. She can be a wary of new people, especially boys. But once she has met them in a calm environment, she is good (she is easily bribed with treats and pets). She is kennel trained, she loves to get her toy whenever she is released. She will grab the nearest soft toy and carry it around in her mouth. She loves to play tug of war and will play fetch in the water. Her paws are very sensitive. She likes to escape and will run after other dogs and people. She is an escape artist that we have tried to train relentlessly. She needs an experienced home.


Lani is a 8 year old Dalmatian/Lab mix. She is very good with kids and other dogs after a intro. She is very playful and likes to cuddle.

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