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Unfortunately, I am unable to keep him as I currently reside in a pet-free home. Ruben, a sweet and lovable pup, was discovered in the Lower Valley. He had a difficult past, was underweight, and we were told he wouldn’t have made it if we hadn’t found him. We have been providing a loving home for him for approximately 6 months. He has received proper veterinary care, including all necessary shots and procedures. He is a wonderfully sweet boy. This adorable pup is a 2-year-old Boxer Shar-Pei mix, looking for a loving forever home. He is known to be friendly and compatible with a variety of animals, such as chickens, ducks, and cats. He is also great with children.

***Home To Home is a platform that connects people looking to rehome their pets with interested adopters. The pets featured are not animals at Yakima Humane Society and require direct communication with their caregivers through Home To Home. It is the responsibility of the individuals who express interest in a particular pet listed on these pages to obtain and verify information about the pet’s medical, behavior, and bite history. All information contained in the pets’ description page has been provided by their caregiver. Yakima Humane Society does not verify the accuracy of the information provided.

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Mini Chinese Sharpei
Very friendly and has an “old soul”


Juliet is such an amazing dog. She’s sweet, funny, smart. She’ll listen to you when you say “excuse me Juliet” and watch out of the way. She’s very lovable and great with kids and cats, but not other dogs so much. She loves going on adventures or chilling at home and cuddling.
I’m temporarily in a DV shelter, and they don’t accept pets. 💔 I’m just looking for a temporary home until I can get on my feet. She’s my everything and me and my kids would be heart broken if we had to permanently give her up.


Meet Rusty, an adorable and charming Husky-Sharpei mix eagerly seeking his forever home. Rusty’s unique blend of Husky and Sharpei features makes him truly one-of-a-kind. With his soft fur, expressive eyes, and scrunchy face, he’s an irresistible sight to behold. Rusty is not just a pretty face; he has an energetic and playful personality that’s perfect for an active lifestyle. He’s well-behaved indoors, crate trained, and enjoys mental stimulation activities. While Rusty can be shy initially, he quickly warms up to become a loyal and loving companion. Although he hasn’t been around children or other pets, with proper introductions and socialization, Rusty could thrive in a family environment. Rusty has garnered compliments during his stays at the doggy hotel, and while he may be reserved in new environments, he bursts with energy and affection once comfortable. If you’re looking for a furry friend to join your adventures and fill your home with love, Rusty is the ideal choice.

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