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Welcome Ned to you home! He is a 2.5 year old, 25 lb Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with a ruby colored coat. He is good with other dogs, kennel trained, and good with older children.

Unfortunately Ned was diagnosed with epilepsy at the beginning of the year. He is currently on medication. Because of this, his diet has been changed to Steve’s Real Food. We also had him on Farmers Dog for a bit. Both were great.

For his breed, he has much higher energy. He is very food driven. He loves walks and attention and he’s incredibly cuddly. He will most definitely lick your face off!

We do not have the capacity at our home to provide the attention he needs so we are looking to re-home Ned. You will love his goofy personality!


Libby is an eight month old cavapoo. She’s such a sweet dog. She has a vibrating bark collar that keeps her from barking that much. She’s a wonderful dog. The thing is that my cat does not like her. I’ve had to keep her in the kitchen and the cat gets the rest of the house. It doesn’t seem fair to her that she should have to live in such a small space. I was hoping they would get along, but it’s been four months. Ideally she may do best in a house without cats. She loves cats, but they tend to not like her. I expect her to weight 25-30lbs as an adult.


Male Cavapoo Puppy For Adoption
5 months old male Cavapoo puppy, (mix of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with poodle). Has had first two sets of shots. He is non shedding, house, crate and leash trained. Very smart puppy who learns quickly and knows commands for sit, down, roll over, shake paw, stay and come. He has a sweet gentle temperament and a fun playful personality. He enjoys cuddles and making his humans happy. He loves going for walks and is very attentive when you want his attention. He will need a caring loving family who has time for a puppy to keep up his training. He is excellent with children, other dogs, cats and birds. He is being re-homed as family circumstances have changed and it’s very difficult having to rehome him as we have only had him for 3 weeks. This is the best time for the puppy to be resettled and bond with a new living family. If you are seriously interested I can arrange for you and your family to meet him. Please reach out if you have any questions. Thank you!


Koda is a super sweet boy, we’ve had him since he was a puppy and has grown up with young toddlers handling him constantly. He is a non-shedding dog. We had a Great Pyrenees that he grew up with and has done great with all other dogs he’s been around. Unfortunately, my husband and I are separating. He does not want Koda and I cannot afford to provide for him on my own or find housing that will allow dogs in our area.

He does have anxiety (diarrhea) being kenneled, so he free roams our upstairs while we are away at work for roughly 10 hours a day. When he’s limited to just one area of the house, he rarely has accidents. He is very attached to us, so I do suspect he will have some amount of anxiety at first until he gets settled in and realizes he’s with a fantastic new family that will love him just as much as we have.

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