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Tammy was lost and looking for food when she was rescued and taken to the veterinarian.
She has been spayed and fully vaccinated.
Tammy is very affectionate and she is very smart.
Please Note: Home to Home is a website that connects people looking to rehome or foster their pets with interested adopters or foster parents. The pets posted on this site do not belong to Memphis Animal Services and are not located at Memphis Animal Services.

Inquiring about these pets requires direct communication with their owners through the Home to Home website. It is the responsibility of the interested adopter or foster to get information about the pet’s medical, behavior, and other history from the owner. All information contained in the pets’ biography has been provided by the pet’s owner, and Memphis Animal Services does not verify the accuracy of the information provided. Any agreement of adoption will be made solely between the owner and adopter.

Dogs and cats rehomed within Memphis Animal Services’ jurisdiction through the Home to Home website may be eligible for financial assistance for spay or neuter services through Memphis Animal Services Pet Resource Center. Please request this assistance on our website once rehoming is complete.


Penny is a super sweet, loving, smart and loyal dog! She forms a deep sense of connection with her person. Penny needs a forever person or family that is home more often, or maybe works from home and has a secure fenced yard and that has a better work/life balance. Penny is an 2 year old 45 pound Cattle Dog mix that is energetic and also enjoys naps and some lounge time with you. She is a sweet sensitive dog that loves attention and she wiggles all over when you come back from somewhere and has a cute little “smile”. She is spayed, microchipped, recent wellness exam, current with all vaccines (as appropriate for her age) and on a monthly flea and heartworm prevention. No history with cats or kids. She has a large portable crate but she hasn’t used it and that’s ok because she does fine sleeping in one of her many doggie beds. She sleeps like a baby all night, loves her toys, playing tug-of-war, fetch, and loves her belly rubs. Having her now for 4 months has been eye opening for me and understanding her true needs. She needs a secure space to run. This is very important and she needs this! She would love that so much! I live in an apartment, work 40 hrs a week, and my hours change from week to week and I feel she would thrive with someone that has a regular consistent work schedule and is home more. She has separation anxiety and barks when I leave for work. I have taken the vets advice and she is taking anxiety medication, which helps relax her while I’m at work. (I love this vet and they are all very supportive and love Penny so much!) I have cameras and notice she relaxes and naps most of the day when I’m at work. She seems to prefer more of a one on one dog interaction instead of a multiple dog environment. In time this may change. She wiggles and wags her tail and loves the attention people give her on our walks and our car rides to the coffee shop. She lights up around people and it’s so cute to watch! She has access to the whole home space while I’m away at work and has many large windows to look out, watching the world go by. When I’m at work, she always has her DogTV playing, cozy plush dog beds, and all her fun toys around. I’m just realizing that honestly it is really just what she needs rather than all of the ways that I can try to modify her to fit my lifestyle. This decision to re-home has been incredibly difficult and heartbreaking. Her best home would be a work from home situation or one where she is not left alone too much at a time. A playmate and secure fenced yard to play, sniff, bird watch, and zoomies. I can also see her lounging and napping outside on a back porch listening to the sounds of nature enjoying the breeze. Penny is such a sweet gentle girl and deserves her forever home with LOTS of love, patience, and encouragement.

Penny’s safety and happiness is my priority.

A vet check, non family member references, and home visit will be required.


Bodhi is a super sweet and smart puppy, he learns new tricks super quickly and loves to be around people and other animals. He would thrive in a home with a yard and people who have a lot of time to spend with him. I’m unfortunately very allergic to him and can’t handle the breathing issues he’s an amazing dog that would be a wonderful addition to any home.


Cali is a very sweet, high energy, 2 year old Australian Cattle dog mix. She is a very sweet girl who doesn’t understand that she is bigger dog. She likes to give kisses and snuggles. She loves to run but just wants to be with people all the time. She doesn’t love car rides but she will get in the car. She is highly treat motivated and she will steal your food if you don’t keep your eye on it.

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