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My name is Maggie. My care takers adopted me in Whyoming from a shelter. At the time they have been able to care for me. However, I have problems with the other dogs here. I really hate being bothered. As much as I do play with them, I do need my alone time. I am pretty introverted.

I love to cuddle on my own terms. Please do not hold me on your own terms. I will let you know when I want to be snuggle. But please don’t hold me too long or get in my face. I really don’t like people in my face for feeling restrained.

I hide under beds when I feel overwhelmed. Sometime when I’m really grumpy or mad at the other dogs for being near me, I need to be reminded to go to my safe place.

Don’t get me wrong. I am loving and trusting. I just value alone time, and get cranky without it.

I am a bit food aggressive. I grown and give corrections when I am approached or a dog is too close to me while I’m eating. Only of they don’t listen to my corrections and take from my bowl will I bite. I do allow people to touch my bowl and me as I eat. If anything I prefer to be sat near while I eat so I feel like my food is being protected from the other dogs. Else ills spend more time guarding my food instead of eating it.

I guard my favorite toys too. Even going so far as to hide them from the other dogs. My care takers take them out of hiding for the other dogs. I let them play with it for a bit. But when I have enough with sharing my toys, I jump in to bark at the dog/s playing even if a human is there, to take my toy back.

I have nightmares too. When snuggling up to my humans at night, on occasion I’ll wake up barking and growling. One night I accidentally snapped and hit my mom in the face with my teeth. I felt so bad I would not come out from under the bed till the next day. It is rare. They hade me for almost two years now. That was the only time I accidentally hurt anyone. I love cuddling I’m bed at night. I tend to sleep by the feet now after that incident.

I don’t mind cats. However, I will bark at them if they swat at me.

My folks are very sad to have to rehome me. But they can no longer keep up with or give me the high energy play and mental care I need due to lack of time. I might be better off as an only dog, or with others as long as I have lots of room and places to hide and call my safe spots.

Again. I am very loving and sweet. I just am very introverted.


Storm is a 1,5 year old mix. He is the sweetest boy once he gets to know you but does have her real anxiety. Storm was placed on anxiety meds after several over the counter medications did not work. Since being on the meds he is more confident and you can see the amazing change in him. Storm came to us with strong red course guarding but since doing training he does well! When he gets tired like a toddler would he has more attitude and often needs a nap break in his space place (kennel). Once he naps he is good to go again! Storm had trauma with his paws prior to us rescuing him and needs his nails done by the vet to not stress him out further. Storm does okay with teenagers but should not live with any children as they cause him more anxiety and he will growl at them. Storm is fully vetted and comes with all his supplies as we cannot provide a home without children for him to be his best. Storm has been seen with a behavioral consult trainer and it helped him significantly become a more confident well rounded pup!


Callie was born May 1,2022 She was homed after weaning to a ranch home with other working dogs. Callie is very timid and the ranch life was not a good fit so they returned her…. pregnant assuming a red border collie male got to her before they could get her fixed. Callie is such a sweet little girl weighing about 30#s. Loves to go for rides stays close while on horse back or walking. Loud noises do scare her but she comes right back. Usually from behind and head between your legs. She is not pushy but will lick if given the chance. Not food aggressive. Dosent mind other animals being around her but is not the playful type as of currently. She has shown no aggressive behaviors other than a snarl when being overwhelmed by other dogs in her immediate space. Callie is not housebroken but is allowed in our house to cuddle and make her rounds for belly rubs.


He is very playful loves to play with balls. He’s a German Shepherd Mix.
Know sit and lay down.

I’m rehoming him due to our time, I spend most of the time working and he needs someone to give him attention.

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