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Luna was adopted from the K9 Global Dog Rescue from Jordan. She was found in the desert in Jordan, and my ex-husband was there at this time with the US Army.

She is 6 years old, she is a very calm dog and independent. She loves the beach, running in the sand is her favorite thing to do.

Loves belly rubs, and just cuddling on your feet. She doesn’t go on furniture.

She doesn’t even like to sleep on the bed, she loves to have her own space where she can relax when her social battery is drained.

She knows commands such as sit, lay down, and paw.

She loves eating cheese, any kind of cheese, really.

I cannot provide her with all the love and attention she deserves, I want her to go to a safe and loving home.

I can cover her pet wellness plan with Banfield Pet Hospital until it runs out on sept 16, 2024.

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