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Her name is pronounced like the brand Dolce & Gabbana. She is very active and I don’t have the time to give her the love she needs. She is a handful so but is loyal and a really smart dog.


Renna has been in foster for two years. She is so loving and silly. She is spayed and up to date on shots. She loves all ages of people. She is a couch potato but also loves to go for walks. She has to be the only pet and needs a fenced in yard. Can you be her hero and person? She is a beautiful girl.


She is very sweet and loving. She will follow you everywhere and sit by your side. She can be hyper and loves to play but is also chill and will be your cuddle buddy on the couch.

Stitch needs his forever home (Mahalo!)

Did you ever want to have your own real-life Stitch? Pics don’t capture the uncanny resemblance between this boy and the cartoon character. 27 inches tall yet packs 85 lbs of muscular love. Pointy ears. Loves his people. Loves other people. Loves other dogs. Loves cats. Loves kids. Has been to several public venues including karaoke – he loved them all. One accident the third day he came to us, none in the 3 months since then. Has been left alone for most of a day, no accidents. Don’t know about crate training as we don’t crate. Sits, comes on command. Has yet to bark. So much love to give!!!!!

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