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Mau was put into my care by a fellow foster parent, he is a very high energy dog whos eager to play and make doggie friends. Hes very friendly with both other dogs and people alike, I do have him in the house with two cats however bc hes high energy and my house is on the smaller side I cannot keep him. I have his papers from the shelter he was adopted from and he has been looked at hes a borzoi 9 months old. Borzois are a VERY highly sought after dog breed and are rare. Before adoption can be finalized you need to be sure you can provide training, a large space for him to exercise in and be sure you have time for him. He will need attention. Any other questions pleasure reach out. The process will be as such- introductions/questions, meet and greet and finally adoption. I have supplies for him such as food, treats, a clicker for his training and leash & collar if youd like, value for all is 300 which is included in his fee. Thank you

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