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We just rescued Leo from a farm in California where he was covered in ticks and pee. We cleaned him up, gave him tick and flea medicine, and started him in obedience school. We planned to keep Leo, but unexpectedly had to take on a very busy schedule. He’s an incredibly sweet, cuddly, playful pup, and he’s great around kids and other dogs. The vet guessed he’s around 2 years old, and we know he would make a wonderful family pet. While he is potty and crate trained and able to be alone for hours at a time, he does have a lot of energy, so his new owners should expect to take him on walks and play with him when possible.


Blue is a very loyal and loving dog! He’s low maintenance and enjoys taking long naps in his crate. A few things to note about his personality: 1. He LOVES people 2. He will work best in a house as an ONLY dog or with a FEMALE. 3. He is not aggressive with males, but he tends to mark if other males are around. 4. Blue is a shy boy. We don’t know his background, but it is likely he came from an abusive home. Screaming and loud noises make him anxious. 5. Not the biggest fan of car rides!

Blue is a fantastic companion. As much as we’d love to keep him, we don’t have the time to give him the attention he deserves with a new baby in the house. Let us know if you’re interested!

Haole Boy

Haole Boy is 2 years old. He is an outside dog who loves attention and belly rubs! He knows basic commands like sit, stay and come. He is very well mannered and enjoys meeting new people. He has never shown any aggression towards other animals. He is a great watch dog.

***Home To Home is a platform that connects people looking to rehome or foster their pets with interested adopters or fosters. The pets featured are not animals at the Hawaiian Humane Society and require direct communication with their caregivers through Home To Home. It is the responsibility of the individuals who express interest in a particular pet listed on these pages to obtain and verify information about the pet’s medical, behavior, and bite history. All information contained in the pets’ description page has been provided by their caregiver. The Hawaiian Humane Society does not verify the accuracy of the information provided.

Animals posted to this site should not have rehoming or fostering fees. If fees are requested, please reach out to ***


She has been my ESA and my baby since 2016. She is a lovable girl, she is middle aged but acts like a puppy. She is super playful and enjoys walks a lot. Very fearful of other dogs. She has been attacked by two dogs so when she sees one she will bark and pull. She has never biten anyone or another dog however.

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