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Fun loving, active puppy that loves to go on a walk or run every morning and evening. 8 months old and growing fast, Obi doesn’t know his size yet and just wants to cuddle up and be a part of the fun! Has been around kids of various ages and other animals with no problems. He cannot be around poultry, which is why he needs to find a home that fits him better! Fenced in yard and a walk or two a day are needs that Obi has! He is still in his chewing phase and loves a big bone to work on during his down time. This boy is a big sweetie and will do well with a family or active person who wants a furry buddy. He has an intimidating bark and shows great loyal traits, with the right training and time commitment he will be an amazing buddy for a very long time!


Samson lived in a shelter for the first two years of his life. I adopted him when he was 2 years old and have had him ever since. I didn’t have experience with hounds before him and didn’t realize how active and independent hounds are. Soon after I adopted him, I went through several big life changes that have made it very hard to provide for his level of need for independent outdoor activity. I am now going through some financial challenges that leave me with even less time to get him outside for adventures.
He is 5yrs old and weighs 75lbs. He is crate trained. Sometimes he can get very excited and is not always spatially aware of his body. It is rare, but he can sometimes be protective of his food. Otherwise, he is friendly to other dogs, cats, and humans. He loves a good cuddle puddle but typically likes to sleep in his own space. And above all, he just wants to be outside sniffing and running around freely. He would need a large fenced in space or to be trained to stay close to home.
It hurts me to let go, but I am ready to find him a home that better suits his needs! I would be so happy to find him a loving home with a big yard or lots of land to run and sniff to his hearts content.


Ranger is an energetic bluetick hound. He’s almost three years old and would love nothing better than to find a home where he can get out, explore and use his nose. We’ve worked on many of the basic commands such sit, lay, stay and recall. He’s kennel trained and great with kids, dogs, and cats.
He needs a home that can challenge his nose and train him how to focus. We do some light exercises with like hide and seek with people and treat searching.


Meet Maggie, a delightful Hound Mix with a heart of gold! Weighing in at a charming 17 pounds, Maggie is the perfect size for both snuggling on your lap and joining you on outdoor adventures. This lovable canine companion has been crate and leash trained, making walks and outings a breeze.

Maggie’s endearing personality shines through her sweet nature and affectionate disposition. She thrives on human companionship and craves lots of attention, which makes her an ideal choice for an individual or family seeking a loyal and devoted furry friend. Maggie is always ready to shower you with unconditional love and be by your side through thick and thin.

While Maggie is known for her loving nature, it’s important to note that she prefers not to be left alone for long periods. She thrives in an environment that will have someone home more than being out. Maggie would be a perfect best friend for someone who works from home or just stays home on most days.

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