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Hi there,

Sadly, we have no other choice but to rehome our beloved dog Dusty, which is utterly heartbreaking for our whole family.

She is an AMAZING dog, if it were just my husband and I and no kids (or high school-aged) we’d keep her in a heartbeat. We had our last dog for 15 years and take pet ownership seriously.

Unfortunately, she has bit two kids this year and snapped at a dogsitter (bite level 1-3, warning, resource guarding, or protecting herself snaps not aggressive attacks, I don’t think she wants to hurt anyone she just reacts) which is why we need to rehome her. Although we have worked with a trainer since we got her, talked to vet, put her on prozac and CBD, and heavily educated the kids, it wasn’t enough to prevent further incidents. With two kids in our home and their friends here all the time we can’t risk this happening again.

She is so smart, so loving, anyone who adopts her will feel like they’ve struck gold. Even our dog trainer dogsits her (something she never does) when we go out of town because she is so special.

Dusty Facts
– Female
– 4 years old
– 40lbs
– Blue Lacy / Lab mix
– Spayed
– Chipped
– Fully potty trained
– Almost never barks (just every day at 2 when the mailman comes)
– Up to date on all shots, flea/tick medicine, vet visits (we’ll provide all medical records)
– Micro-chip number 956000013884815
– Takes prozac which she is doing amazing on! So chill.
– Likes two walks in AM/PM
– Just sleeps when you leave the house
– She is so loving and sweet!
– Plays when you play, sleeps when you sleep
– Smart, likes to be trained and knows many commands, had a trainer for a while
– Loose leash walks, even likes to sit at corners before crossing
– Was crate trained for years, but hasn’t been in one in a while
– Kids- No (older kids/high school probably fine)
– Dogs- No (she is scared/reactive towards them, not aggressive)
– Cats- Probably No (apparently her foster in TX had them though)
– We would give the new owners her crate, beds, toys, medicine, bones, harness, leash, etc.
– She has lived with us for 10 months. Prior to that, she was with a family in Beaverton. Before that at a Foster in TX, and we have no idea her history before that.
– We do work from home so she is used to people being around, I don’t think she would do great with being left home all day every day. She doesn’t have any separation anxiety when we leave, but I’m not sure how she would do with A LOT of alone time. We’ve left her for up to 8-9 hours alone with no issues.

If you LOVE dogs, walking them, loving them, training them (she loves the mental stimulation!), and don’t have young kids in the house this dog will be the best thing that happened to you. If you have kids over sometimes and can supervise it’s also fine, we just can’t supervise our kids 24-7.

Edgar Moose

Edgar was adopted from the Big Dog Rescue Project. He was part of a litter that was found in Texas after being dumped in a creek with Umbilical Cords still attached. He is a sweet pup to his family and our friends. Recently he has become aggressive with our other older dog to a level that we have become uncomfortable with. We have had behavior training to try and correct the aggressiveness. He barks and scrapes at the door/window whenever anyone walks by, but especially other dogs. We have not let him be with other dogs as we don’t know how he will react. We’ve taken him to the dog park with his brother and let them run around the ‘small dog’ area when they are the only ones there and he will bark incessantly at other dogs walking by. We know he has food aggression around meal times so we have kenneled him while we get his dinner, but this has been the time where he is most aggressive to our other dog which has escalated to clumps of fur coming off this last time. He is constantly trying to assert his dominance over Max by trying to mount him while Max waits at the door to be let out, and despite many corrections by Max, Edgar seems to have a very short memory. He has also peed all over the house, on the corners of doors, bags of clothes, laundry baskets, shoes, etc. It seems to come and go in spurts, but nothing, in particular, seems to spur it on.

He is a sweet dog and has brought lots of laughter around our house as well. He has a blanket that he will pull out of his kennel and run around the house with ‘showing it off’ to people who come to visit. He ‘licks the air’ when he gets very excited and knows he cannot lick someone on their face while sitting on the couch. He love to snuggle and is a ‘plopper’ – plopping right in your lap to snuggle up.

Walking him has been a chore and we have good days and bad days. He has done best with a gentle lead leash and we have also used the water in a plastic bag to help as well (ideas given to us by our trainer).

It has just become too much to handle between the peeing all over items, difficult walks, and now more aggression towards our older dog, we feel he would be best in a home where he can get more focused training, maybe more yard to run (as he is a ranching dog by nature), and possibly an only dog so he is not having to vie for attention.

*Home To Home is a platform that allows interested adopters to connect directly with people looking to rehome their pets. Homeward Pet Adoption Center (HPAC) has not evaluated or assessed this pet. HPAC is unable to provide any additional information or guarantees – please contact the pet owner directly to learn more about them. For more information about the Home To Home program, please visit our website at

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