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Stella does good when she’s outside and inside. She loves to be in the sun. When she’s inside she loves to be in a cozy spot. She unfortunately doesn’t do well with other dogs. Stella is very teachable and already knows some great behaviors. Once she’s comfortable with the area she’s at she does great going out and doesn’t run away. She knows the basics like: sit, lay down, “give me your paw”, and no. When she’s not listening she’s is responsive when you snap your fingers and say “hey” firmly while pointing down next to you. That is a way of reprimanding her and she’s is very responsive to that sound. She will come to you and sit or lay down. She learned this behavior because she use to and some times still does come around the dinner table. If she is reprimanded with that action she listens very well. She loves the holidays, car rides, popsicles, and snuggles. Stella is amazing with kids and people with special needs. She is very smart and teachable. She is the biggest sweetheart and is a great dog to have.


Wynter is the three years old white German shepherd. She’s a sweet and friendly dog, however she have behavioral problems. She doesn’t get along with other dogs due to the trauma. She get along with cats and little kids. She can be funny, stubborn and silly. She loves treats

*This pet is not in the care of Seattle Area Feline Rescue. SAFe has not evaluated or assessed this pet. We are unable to provide any additional information or verify the accuracy of descriptions – please contact the pet owner directly to learn more about the pet. For low cost spay and neuter services in our area, please visit this link,to find a list of potential resources.*


Mac is a 7 year old Belgian Malinois. He has been trained by a shepherd specialist to follow basic commands. He loves meeting new people, socializing, and will play fetch with his favorite ball for hours. He is very sweet, affectionate, and will protect your house from unwanted strangers. He is primarily an indoor dog and gets along great with my cat. The reason I am needing to rehome him is because I recently started a new job where I am gone 10+ hours a day during the week and I simply cannot give him the attention he needs anymore. It’s just me taking care of him, so he spends a majority of the day by himself and I can tell he’s really gotten depressed lately. I think he would be much happier with an owner who is able to be home with him more often or a young family.


She is a 10 month old puppy. She’s very sweet and loving. Loves pets and cuddles but can be shy/nervous. It takes her a while to warm up to someone new. She’s energetic at times but is more low key and Can at times play rough with other dogs but will stop once they growl etc. she does tend to get food protective so we give her her own bowl slightly off to the side of the others but she can still eat in the same area as them and at the same time. Has been crate trained has dhpp and rabies. Has some sort of potty training

DISCLAIMER: Home To Home is a peer to peer platform that connects families who need to rehome their pet and/or those who are seeking temporary foster placement with other families who may be able to help. The pets featured are NOT physically at the Humane Society of the Treasure Coast (HSTC) nor does the HSTC take responsibility for the rehoming or fostering process through the Home to Home platform. It is the responsibility of interested parties to obtain and verify information about the pet’s medical, behavior, and bite history with the pets owner. All information contained in the pets’ description page has been provided by their caregiver. The Humane Society of the Treasure Coast does not verify the accuracy of the information provided by caregivers and is not responsible for the interactions or the outcome.

The Humane Society of the Treasure Coast is an open access Humane Society available to Martin County residents. Residents from other counties are welcome use the Home To Home platform hosted by the Humane Society of the Treasure Coast and should access other resources in their communities for their rehoming/foster needs in addition to using Home To Home. Dogs, cats, and rabbits rehomed through Home To Home may be eligible for spay or neuter services through HSTC. Please contact HSTC at 772-600-2303 once rehoming is complete to take advantage of this offer.

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