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Edna is an amazing. She enjoys being outside and laying in the sun. Doesn’t realize that she is bigger than your lap allows. She likes to chase and bark at cats but in a playful way. The cats don’t take too kindly to it though. She’s both active and laid back. When she’s awake she’s active & wanting to play but when she’s asleep she’s done. She’s on the high end of medium size. Rabies vac is good until 10/24.


Bones is still a puppy, so he is full of energy! He knows “sit”, and he is working on “stay” and “shake”. He is big, but he is a love bug. He is fully vaccinated and microchipped. He loves children but he is big, so an ideal home would have older children (over the age of 2).

These animals are not currently at the Pflugerville Animal Shelter, but need to be rehomed by Pflugerville owners. Please note that Pflugerville Animal Welfare Services has not screened these animals for health or temperament. Please have discussions with the current owner to determine if the animal is right for your home and refer to the full terms of use on the Home to Home website.


Domino is an affectionate and cute dog that is good with other cats AND dogs. He is a Basset Hound and Staffordshire terrier mix with short legs. A caring parent is needed while I am currently not able to give all the attention he needs. He is super healthy with all the vaccines up to date. He is quite energetic and needs to be walked 2-3 times a day. He likes to play with tennis balls, Kongs and everything squeezable. He likes playing fetch with people a lot and if you could spend a little more time playing with him every day, that would be awesome.
Domino is house and crate trained. He has a silly and soulful personality and loves to get belly rubs and snuggles as much as you’ll give them! He would love a new home where he can have his own backyard to explore. He also loves to play with water a lot!
Domino deserves a loving home that can provide him with the exercise and stimulation he needs to thrive. Domino is currently learning some important manners, like opting for tummy rubs and ear scratches instead of jumping up for hugs, he gets really excited with new people. With a bit of patience and training, he will quickly become a well-behaved and obedient companion.


House trained and kennel trained
Great with dogs and cats
Great with kids

Due to no fault of her own, we are looking to rehome Lady. She gets along great with our dogs, but our 14yr old dog does not get along well with her. She is a sweet dog that loves to cuddle.

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