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Karen is a great dog. Loves to cuddle and watch Netflix. Is great with people and kids. Can be dog aggressive with some dogs. She s gotten attacked by dogs in the pastes at doggy daycare.

Addie May

Addie is a very sweet, lovable dog. she loves belly rubs, walks (even in the rain) squeaky toys and being around people. she’s gotten to require full attention, meaning she doesn’t like to share attention with other dogs. she becomes territorial. she thinks she’s a lap dog so she will try jumping on your lap or sofa or chair especially if you’re there. she is sensitive to loud noises. loves to be off leash but is good about coming back when she’s called. she is very smart and understands a lot of english words even when spelled out. she needs individual attention but does well at doggy day care. she loves to play ball endlessly. she dislikes cats and hot weather but loves the snow.


Luke is a good and healthy boy with some behavioral problems. With the right home he would be better.
He’s territorial and will aggressively bark at larger dogs when I take him to a different neighborhood he’s find with all dogs. We have had training but it’s not working. We live in an apartment complex which is becoming a major problem. He also doesn’t like the vet we have had to sedate him to bring him in the office. He also doesn’t like baths I’ve had to use spray shampoo no rinse.
Otherwise he is laid back. Loves chest and ear rubs. Loves to nap and long wooded walks. Loves riding in the back seat sometimes jumping up front and back. He likes his healthy weight food (he’s a little overweight) with a little fiber in it. He loves treats in a bone, hiding in a towel or in a basket. He likes to be challenged. He spends 2 or 3 days at day care a week. Loves the dog park.
He is protective and had nipped 6 people in closed quarters or running past.
I wish for him a farm or country home with a dog buddy.


Tobias looks like a lab puppy and despite his age has the energy and enthusiasm for play of a dog a third his age. He doesn’t have as much stamina as he used to, but still loves hikes and long walks, exploring the yard, and curling up near the fire.

He is crate and house trained. He knows plenty of commands and tricks (e.g., crawl, rollover, sit pretty) and if treats are involved will eagerly show you them all. Sometimes all at once.

Tobias has been a loved member of our home for nearly 9 years. Unfortunately, with a toddler, we can no longer provide a safe and fulfilling home for both.

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