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I have an Anatolian Pyrenees mix named Stabler that needs a good home. He is potty trained and knows basic commands. He is a sweet boy however he lunged at my daughter teeth bared unprovoked. This has happened multiple times. We are pretty sure it’s food related. We have altered the way we feed him and the kids are never around him when he eats. This last time however had nothing to do with food. His birthday is April 12 2023. He is up to date on all of his shots. It is too dangerous to keep him and it is unfair for him to not have free range of the house and yard.

Puppy 1-9

Pupps have all their shots and dewormed. Registered.
Have males and females


Sweet but loud and energetic 6 month old Anatolian Pyrenees male. Had since 8 weeks, needs more livestock to guard and acreage to roam. Good with children and other pets.


Mina is a super sweet girl. Our family absolutely loves her, but we are moving and cannot bring her with us. She’s a very good guard dog and currently lives outside.

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