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Tamale is almost 2 yrs old. Estimated DOB December 2021. She is believed to be a Staffordshire mix. She is microchipped, vaccinated, spayed and healthy.
Tamale was found by the side of the highway as a 6 month old puppy and has been in my foster care since that time. She is named Tamale because she is a spicy girl! She is very smart and has been started on nose work/scent detection. She loves to have her mind challenged and enjoys learning new things.
Tamale would love to have a family all her own. She is exceptional with children weather they want to play or have a snuggle on the couch and watch a movie. She is protective of her people and her home and will keep them safe.
Tamale knows basic commands and while she is not perfect on a leash, she does well with patience and practice. She can be nervous and insecure in new places and when traveling. She will need an assertive owner/handler to help her feel confident.
Tamale would do best in a home with no other pets. She has done well with our large breed neutered males but there have been some issues with food and she wants to be the boss. NO CATS, CHICKENS, OR LIVESTOCK.


Beautiful Pyro needs a new home. He knows how to sit, stay and shake. He will turn one year old on Sep 27th. He is fixed, is up to date with his shots and takes flea/heart-worm medication every month. He comes with two beds, a kennel, bowls, leash, some toys, some food, and all records from the vet visits. He is a very sweet boy and loves cuddles, playing tug-of-war, playing with other dogs and being around people/children. He will cry when he needs to go outside.


Athena is a 3 year old American Staffordshire Terrier. She is a shelter rescue who was previously abused as evidenced by her scars, chipped tooth and fragility. She loves people, kids, babies and other dogs. She needs to be rehoused to a household that can provide the love and attention she needs.


B.B. is a big cuddle bug that wants to be your only friend, who isn’t afraid to share as long as the proper introductions are made. House trained and not a big food thief, he will remain attentive to your presence. When you aren’t too busy laughing at his goofines, you’ll enjoy his quiet side, and relish in his joy over the new chew toy you got him.

I am confident B.B. can live around just about any pet with an experienced owner supporting him. I have only had him around cats and children. Otherwise he will not be sad as you only buddy.

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